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Bret Hart rates himself a four out of 10

On Confessions of the Hitman, Bret Hart discusses the specific scale that he uses to rate pro wrestlers. There are three categories that are each worth up to 10 points. This includes evaluating a wrestler’s Look, Promo Skills, and Wrestling Skills.

Here is how Hart rates himself on this scale, with the transcription courtesy of Wrestling Inc:

“In my case, I’d say my look, I wasn’t Hulk Hogan. I never pretended to be. I didn’t have the kind of build. I would say I was a seven-out-of-10. I didn’t have a bad look. I looked like an athlete, and I was pretty fit, and I was pretty strong. Yeah, I evolved into a good look. My look wasn’t holding me back. I had a decent gimmick.”

“I sometimes had great mic moments in my career, but it was my weakest area and I knew that. I would give myself a four-out-of-10 or a five-out-of-10 on promo skills. Maybe in my prime, when I was in my best years near the end, I would give myself an eight or a nine, so there is some evolution there, but it was my weak spot.”

“The third category is, how good can he, Bret Hart, actually wrestle? I think on that scale, I’d give myself a nine, maybe a 10. I could wrestle anybody, any shape. You could put me in there with big, huge guys. I could wrestle Andre. I could wrestle Roddy Piper. I could wrestle any size guy. I could wrestle and have a great match with just about anybody.”

I got a big laugh when Hart rated himself a four out of 10 on the mic, given that it’s the same score he gave Triple H as a wrestler many years ago when he claimed that The Game never had a great match.

Overall, Bret’s self-evaluation adds up to about 21 out of 30 on his own scale. For the sake of comparison, he gives Hulk Hogan a 22 out of 30 (10 for Look, 10 for Promo skills, 2 for Wrestling skills).

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Do you like Bret Hart’s scale for evaluating pro wrestlers, or is it missing something? How would you rate some of today’s top stars using the Hitman’s method?

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