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Maryse scolds Miz for playing video games too loudly with other wrestlers

The Miz was trying to win the UpUpDownDown championship when he suddenly got an earful from his wife, Maryse, for being too loud. She’s trying to have a Zoom meeting, but he’s just screaming the whole time.

You can see it all play out starting at roughly 8:50 of the following video on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown channel on YouTube. It’s well worth your time.

Cesaro seems to take great pleasure in busting Miz’s chops over being yelled at like a little kid. But it’s Samoa Joe who goes for the killing blow, when Tyler Breeze and Miz are about to start their next round, by saying “Breeze, make it quick, he might need to go to bed soon.”

Oh man, I can watch this forever. Poor Miz.

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