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Kevin Owens has not felt any pressure from WWE to work during the coronavirus pandemic

WWE’s decision to continue filming new weekly television content during the coronavirus pandemic comes with obvious health risks to all talent and crew at their Performance Center in Orlando, and anyone else who those people cross paths with on their travels.

From the outset, WWE management claimed that there would be no pressure or negative consequences for any workers who chose to stay home during this time. Some people are skeptical or deny that’s the case, but Kevin Owens is at least one superstar who says he has been treated with respect by WWE.

This is what he told ESPN about his experience with working for WWE during this time:

“I’ve been [in WWE] for five years. I have never once been afraid to tell the company that I couldn’t go to a show or something like that because something was happening with my family. They’re always extremely receptive. The company’s never made me feel like my career or my spot or anything like that could be in jeopardy. It’s the same here with this situation. I tell them how I feel, they respect how I feel. Even with the mask, that could be seen as something kind of small, right? But it wasn’t. I brought them my concern, and it was immediately taken very seriously.”

Owens goes on to explain that he wouldn’t be going to WWE’s Performance Center right now without his wife’s approval:

“I wanted to make sure that she’s comfortable with me being in the house after I’ve been around a bunch of people. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my wife telling me, ‘OK, the company is clearly making efforts, I think you should go to work, see how things are,’ I wouldn’t have gone back.”

Owens is responsible for WWE’s recently implemented mask policy in the Performance Center. It sounds like he’s doing everything he can to balance work with keeping his colleagues and family safe.

Does Owens’ account convince you that WWE’s claim about not pressuring talent to work right now is true?

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