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Io Shirai handles one challenger, immediately gains another

Tegan Nox put up a heck of a fight, battling Io Shirai for the better part of a half hour to close the July 15 episode of NXT.

Across multiple commercial breaks, the Genius of the Sky showed why she’s considered one of the best wrestlers in the world, and the Girl with the Shiniest Wizard demonstrated why so many people are high on her as a major babyface star. The pair started their story on the mat, gradually speeding things up until Shirai took control and worked the heat for the middle portion of the match.

Nox launched her comeback evading a move that sent the champ crashing knees first into the steel steps, delivering some great nearfalls.

But after getting two off a Molly Go Round, Io countered the Shiniest Wizard with a palm strike. The woman known for her moonsaults climbed to the top and ended the plucky underdog’s cinderella story.

Shirai didn’t have long to celebrate, however. Nox’s former friend launched a show-ending attack. Dakota Kai stood tall to end the show, and Io will definitely have something to say to the Kiwi when next we hear from her.

Did Nox vs. Shirai live up to your expectations? Excited for Io vs. Dakota?

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