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Everybody’s calling their shot for Evolution 2

Rumors went around last week about tentative WWE plans to run an event on Sun., Aug. 30, and the possibility it could turn out to be the long-awaited sequel to Evolution, the 2018 women-only PPV.

The company making a big deal this week about the fifth anniversary of Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks being moved from NXT to the main roster has ramped up speculation.

Is the fact numerous female Superstars are being asked about their dream opponents for Evolution 2 a sign the event is happening? Who knows! But the question keeps coming up, so here’s rundown of some of their answers.

Tegan Nox (to

“It’s got to be Ruby Riott. She’s right at the top for me, but if it’s a legends dream match, obviously it’s Molly Holly, but Ruby Riott is my next pick. I mean, she’s incredible. She’s such a good friend, and an incredible athlete and an incredible wrestler. She’s my main pick that I want to wrestle, so Ruby Riott at Evolution 2.”

Nikki Cross (to Metro UK)

“I’d want to have a tag team match with Alexa [Bliss] because there’s no one else I’d rather that with. It’s not really possible right now but the Bella Twins – we’d have to wait a little while [because of their pregnancies]. Nicole and Brie are just amazing, they’re amazing women. They have been such great role models in the women’s locker room in an in-ring and out of ring aspect.”

“Then you’ve also got Lita and Trish [Stratus]*. They were the first women I ever laid eyes on in wrestling. You’ve also got Trish and Mickey [James], and Mickey’s got her history with Alexa so that’s another story you can play. Trish and Mickey, Trish and Lita, the Bella Twins – even Beth [Phoenix] and Nattie, you’ve got the Divas of Doom. There’s some great combinations.”

Asuka (and Rhea Ripley)

Will we see any of these? I’d sure like to - especially Nox/Riott and a Ripley vs. Asuka slobberknocker!

Time will tell.

Give us your Evolution 2 dream matches below, Cagesiders.

* Sorry Nikki. Bayley called dibs. Unless Trish & Lita want to work both weekends. Then Little Miss Bliss should get her dream match back.

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