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Charlotte Flair wants to feud with The Authority

WWE Superstars For Hope Reception 2019 Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for WWE

There aren’t many performers in WWE Charlotte Flair hasn’t worked with. While she’s out dealing with a health issue, and possibly landing another television gig, The Queen is talking about a big feud that’s on her wish list.

As a guest on the latest edition of The Bellas Podcast, Flair got excited when Nikki mentioned wanting to see a program with Stephanie McMahon. She says she’s brought up the idea backstage, and wants to Steph’s husband into the story:

“Me too! I keep pitching it [something with McMahon]. I hope they go there. Because I spent some time in NXT recently, I was really hoping that I could get into that with Triple H. Being, like, the brat and then him being like, ‘I made you!’ Because of NXT. But … maybe later down the road.”

Maybe that was the storyline reason Trips hinted at for why Flair left NXT without being pinned or submitted? Not sure how that would have tied in, but just for the sake of hoping there really was a storyline reason, I’m gonna tell myself it was.

Thoughts on The Queen vs. The Authority, Cagesiders?

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