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More historic lows for Raw’s TV numbers


Last Monday was the end of a long holiday weekend, so Monday Night Raw having the second smallest audience its ever had was bad... but there were explanations. A bounce back would settle some nerves.

The audience didn’t come back on July 13, though. In fact, they stayed away to such an extent that we now have a new record for worst viewership in the show’s history.

The hourly average of 1,561,000 sets a new floor for Raw, and there’s no reason to think smaller numbers aren’t in the show’s future.

Here’s the breakdown, which follows the summer trend of the second hour being the most watched for the second straight week. If there’s any good news, it’s that the vast majority of the folks who did tune in stuck around.

Hour one: 1.58 million
Hour two: 1.6 million
Hour three: 1.5 million

Ratings were right around where they’ve been for the past few weeks, averaging .48 among 18 - 49 year olds. That remains among the worst numbers in Raw history. And Pro Wrestling Torch points out a troubling trend among male viewers:

  • On July 13 the rating among men 18 - 34 was .36. A week ago in that demo it was .46. A year ago it was .76.
  • With men 18 - 49, this week’s number was .64. Last year at this time it was 1.06.

Like I said... whoa.

Get complete results and the live blog from Raw this week here, a recap of all the night’s events here, and highlights from the show here.

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