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Bayley pitches her dream match for SummerSlam

We’ll see if Bayley and Sasha Banks leave Extreme Rules as singles champs this Sunday (July 19). But unless WWE books another Women’s Tag title defense for the Role Models in the coming days, they’ll at least still have those belts come Monday.

After defeating Kabuki Warriors on Raw last night, Bayley shot her shot for a SummerSlam dream match. It’s not the battle with The Boss some are hoping for, but it’s also not one many would turn down.

Trish Stratus retired (again) after facing Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam last year. Lita hasn’t been around since Evolution in 2018 - she teamed with Trish, Sasha, Bayley & Natalya to win a ten-person tag on the fallout show after that PPV.

Could this latest dream match become a reality? WWE’s in all-hands-on-deck mode, so if Stratus & Lita are game, I don’t see why not.

Whether it happens or not, it’s interesting to note how Bayley & Banks’ second run with the tag straps is accomplishing what they said they wanted to when they were the inaugural champs. They’re “traveling” between shows, working with a wide variety of people, and making the belts feel as important as they ever have.

So, yeah. Let’s give them another dream match.

That’s my two cents, anyway. Give us yours below.

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