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WWE teased a Women’s title match between tag partners, and it wasn’t Sasha & Bayley

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Things are presumably good between Sasha Banks & Bayley right now. They retained the WWE Women’s Tag titles, defeating Kabuki Warriors in the main event of Raw last night (July 13) when The Boss made Kairi Sane tap. Sasha is now focused on beating Asuka for the Raw Women’s title at Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see a match between teammates coming out of that battle in the not-too-distant future however.

It was a very friendly exchange, but when Samoa Joe asked Kairi how she’d feel about facing Asuka after Extreme Rules, neither Kabuki Warrior had a problem with the idea.

The Pirate Princess said that if her partner beats Banks, she’s ready for Asuka.

Asuka: I want to face you. I want to face you!

Sane: Please. That’s my dream.

Kairi then played the show out as Joe implored her to “show us about that recorder life,” which was awesome but kind of beside the point vis-à-vis this post.

WWE Network

More relevant are the reports of Sane possibly leaving WWE soon. If that’s the case, one last dance with partner on a big stage- like, say, SummerSlam? - seems like a hell of a way to go out.


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