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Matt Hardy has ‘concerns’ about Jeff’s angle with Sheamus

Matt Hardy and wife Reby have hinted at their displeasure with Jeff Hardy’s current WWE storyline, which has Sheamus taunting the recently sober Jeff about being an addict.

Yesterday (July 12), the elder Hardy joined a Twitter conversation about the brothers’ current situations. Matt agreed with a fan explicitly stating their issue with the angle:

It’s a fair concern, and one would hope the Hardys have spoken about it in person (although given some other social media exchanges between Matt & Reby and Jeff’s wife, that relationship may still be in the wreckage of Jeff’s past).

WWE and Jeff are full steam ahead on the angle, as evidenced by the “Bar Fight” that was set-up on last Friday’s SmackDown.

Keep a good thought that Jeff’s talked through these issues with his support system, and is in a good place to confidently deal with this spotlight on his addiction without it threatening his very real sobriety.

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