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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (July 10, 2020): What a stupid show

With each week, I am sickened by how WWE takes substance addiction and turns it into a complete joke on this show.

There is no good reason why any of this is necessary. All this is, is a lame attempt at storytelling. Sheamus and Jeff Hardy are talented enough to not have to make a mockery of Jeff’s addiction for a stupid angle you’d see half acted well on a soap opera.

This reminds me of someone’s shoot interview where they said that Vince treats WWE as his own movie and television entertainment, and that he doesn’t watch anything but his shows. It shows.

Any line about how Jeff promises his fans he won’t be caving to his addiction would only look incredibly shitty if it actually happens, and I pray that it doesn’t.

And if it does, won’t WWE be at least partially to blame?

So now there’s going to be a “Bar Fight” at the Horror Show that is WWE. A BAR fight! Get it? Because Jeff has to overcome Sheamus AND alcohol! HAHAHAHA!

This is foolish and insulting to those actually suffering through addiction, and I’m honestly shocked at how Jeff hasn’t squashed this angle. I’m equally not shocked at how insensitive Vince McMahon is.

God help me if Jeff Hardy doesn’t win next Sunday. Although, as WWE has shown us before, that could potentially not matter because even if Sheamus loses, he could just attack Jeff after the match and continue the feud.


Delayed Gratification

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura were interviewed about the tag title match.

Cesaro scoffed at the idea that beating New Day is an upset, because they’ve never lost against the New Day. Cesaro said he’s been sick of New Day for a long time, and tonight that’s gonna change.

At one point in the match, Cesaro hit a naaasty uppercut and Kofi sold it like a damn champ. Kofi countered the inverted exploder into an SOS but fell to a Kinshasa as he worked over Cesaro. But the match broke down and the ref rang the bell, presumably calling a draw. Cesaro set up a table in the ring and powerbombed Kofi onto Big E and they crashed through the table.

So, I was hyped for this match and was looking forward to it after this shit show, and then we got a draw or whatever this was. More than likely, this will lead to the rematch at Extreme Rules. Just a teaser for tonight I guess. Like… sure okay. But why do this match now? The backstage segments could have just been in ring promos. This was not a great way to end this show. All this really was was a time waster. Most of this show was a time waster.

The Rest

Bayley and Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross - It was nice to get a segment in that didn’t make me want to pull my hair out. I consistently like Nikki Cross and Sasha and Bayley’s booking. I did also like a deviation from the norm, not having Sasha and Bayley cut a promo. Cross hit a wicked crossbody from the announce table to Bayley on the outside. Really enjoyed the Role Models isolating Bliss from Cross, showing that they take her as a threat. Cross with a beautiful fisherman’s neckbreaker but Banks broke it up, and Bayley took advantage. This was really the only good part of this show.

I’m really excited for Bayley and Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules. I have enjoyed both pairings of the Role Models and Bliss Cross Applesauce so much. Cross has been such a delight in the empty arena era that I would like to see her rewarded for it. As for the Sasha and Bayley, I’d hate to see them separated right now. But I know that they’ll absolutely kill a program together. I’m so torn!

AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle next week - The allegations against Matt Riddle have not slowed down his big push. A month into his main roster run, Riddle will be facing Styles for the IC title next Friday. There is a pay-per-view that Sunday, so it’s a bit strange as to why they aren’t waiting two more days. They did the same with Styles and Bryan. I enjoyed styles and Riddle round one, so I’m not expecting anything different for round two. I just wonder how they’ll keep both strong.

Karaoke Contest and whatever - Singing happened. Naomi won. Lacey Evans turned heel because she lost. Lacey, Naomi, Dana, and Tamina were on TV a few weeks ago backstage and were upset that they hadn’t been featured on TV. Well, here you go!

Replay of Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt from Money in the Bank - There was really no need for this. Most of the time on this show was wasted and is better watched in YouTube clips.

This was the worst SmackDown in a long time. Total time waster and full of stupidity. Not since I started recapping WWE main roster have I only liked one part of a show. This show is totally skippable. Give WWE some YouTube clicks. Or don’t.

Grade: D+

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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