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Bayley on when a break-up and feud with Sasha will happen: ‘Never’

Sasha Banks’ Twitter

Fans have been clamoring for it since Bayley moved from NXT to Raw in the summer of 2016 - a chance to revisit the feud which gave us one of the most important women’s matches of all time, TakeOver: Brooklyn’s Sasha Banks vs. Bayley clash.

WWE seems to know it, and delights in dangling it just out of reach.

When the duo turned heel, with Bayley playing the conniving villain to Sasha’s arrogant one, a lot of folks thought we were on the cusp again. Circumstances have given the duo a chance to run wild over every show the company produces though, and they’ve made the most of it.

Still, we want to see Banks and Bayley wrestle each other again some day. That was the premise for Newsweek asking the SmackDown Women’s champ if it’s “difficult to think about” facing The Boss without fans in the seats.

“Well, it’s difficult to think about because it’s never going to happen. Everyone wants us to fight, but look at us. How are they going to run any shows without us together? They can’t do Raw without us, SmackDown without us, NXT without us. Why would we break up?

As much as it would be awesome and we’d main event, be on the marquee, the talk of whatever pay-per-view it’d be on—why would we do that when we’re making all this money on all these shows? That’s the wrong question, buddy.”

She’s in character (I hope!) for much of that quote. The bit about how are they going to run these shows without them, though? That’s a pretty realistic look at the current Raw and SmackDown landscape (NXT doesn’t need them, but I sure would like to see them visit occasionally).

Anyway, let us know what you think about the future of Dos Straps & The Blueprint in the comments below. I used to be positive we’d see that feud again someday; I’m still pretty positive we will, but probably won’t get my hopes up again until a punch is thrown.

And it has to be with intent. Not one of those “malfunction at the junction” deals.

Anyway... after you chime in, check out Newsweek’s entire interview with Bayley here.

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