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More detailed Wednesday night TV numbers are out and, yes, Chris Jericho’s already tweeting about them

What’s better than arguing about viewership and ratings for a two hour block of television?

Why, arguing about those numbers in 15 minute chunks, of course!

Thanks to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we can now do that for the July 8 battle in the Wednesday night AEW/NXT “war”.

These are the quarter hour audience numbers for night two of Fyter Fest and Great American Bash. The first number is total viewers; the number in parenthesis is 18 - 49 year olds. We’ve italicized the “winner” in each.

Q1: AEW 785K (391K) - NXT 775K (235K)

Q2: AEW 695K (356K) - NXT 681K (226K)

Q3: AEW 736K (373K) - NXT 696K (235K)

Q4: AEW 735K (379K) - NXT 681K (225K)

Q5: AEW 705K (351K) - NXT 757K (247K)

Q6: AEW 692K (351K) - NXT 741K (257K)

Q7: AEW 695K (350K) - NXT 816K (312K)

Q8: AEW 675K (362K) - NXT 922K (355K)

As it was a week ago, the big talking point is the final 15 - 30 minutes, which represents the head-to-head battle between Dynamite’s Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy clash and the “Winner Takes All” Keith Lee/Adam Cole bout on NXT.

USA Network had significantly more total viewers for those stretches, but still lost to TNT in the demo. We’ll give you two guesses as to who jumped on Twitter to point that out (hint: it wasn’t Tony Khan).

Feel free to discuss any of this below. Or simply enjoy the wrestling. It’s your call.

For those of you who just want this to stop, here’s Big Sexy replying to his old pal Chris Jericho...

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