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Angelo Dawkins’ fam added a lil homie

Raw Tag Team champ Angelo Dawkins says “fam” like some folks in the wrestling business say “brother” or “bro”.

So it seems fitting to react to this tweet with “welcome to the family, fam!”

A number of Dawkins current and former co-workers sent their congratulations, as did WWE itself.

In addition to just sharing the good news (because we need all of it we can get these days), the news does raise a couple wrestling-related questions:

  1. Will Dawkins take some time off to be with his new child, especially since he might want to quarantine away from mom & baby after working?
  2. Will this “anything you can do we can do better” rivalry with Viking Raiders never end!?!? (Context)

No matter. The important thing is sending warm wishes to the whole Dawkins fam. So... congrats!

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