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Sasha & Bayley weren’t the only former NXT Women’s champs at the Great American Bash

NXT set things up for fifteen minutes of uninterrupted dream match between Io Shirai and Sasha Banks in the main event of their July 1 show - the first of two nights of Great American Bash.

Banks, her tag partner Bayley, and her beloved pooch Ryu arrived in style.

That didn’t throw off the NXT Women’s champ though. In fact, Shirai was in full control...

...until Bayley honked the horn on another vehicle on the GAB set to allow The Boss to take control of the match.

Things ebbed back and forth for a time, as the women did their best to live up to fans’ high expectations for the match. Banks looked to have hit the killshot when she caught Io’s springboard attempt, kicked her in the head, then slide through her legs to slam her into the plexiglass separating the ring area from the crowd.

But the Genius of the Sky recovered, and caught the Tag champ in a crossface. The SmackDown Women’s champ used one of her belts to distract the referee, and used the opening to blast Shirai and free her friend. But the rest of Bayley’s scheme backfired, because when she was arguing with the official, the Raw Women’s champ appeared from under the ring...

The person Sasha will challenge at Extreme Rules hit her with green mist, and a top rope moonsault from her opponent tonight followed. Asuka and Io celebrated as The Role Models fumed.

And all I can think about is “tag match please”?

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