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Renee Young’s big, fat announcement is here

After an eventful week where her FS1 studio show was cancelled, she came down with COVID-19, and allegedly displeased her bosses at WWE by disclosing that fact, Renee Young teased a “big, fat announcement” for today (Weds., July 1).

Young immediately shot down speculation it would be that she and husband Jon Moxley were expecting their first child, but the rumor mill swirled anyway - mostly with fears/hopes she was leaving WWE, possibly for Mox’s AEW.

But it’s not that.

We now get the “fat” part, though. Renee wrote a cookbook!

Get it? Because it’s food-related. But not strictly food-related, because the music buff says she’s going to release a playlist for you to cook along to.

Anyway, congrat RY. We’re sure your recipes will be awesome, like everything else you do.

And glad you’re feeling okay!

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