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Edge laughed when he was presented with the ‘GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER’ idea

Over at ESPN, Arda Ocal got Edge’s thoughts on this whole “GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER” promotion for his bout against Randy Orton at Backlash on June 14. Not unlike the rest of us, he originally thought it was a joke before realizing it wasn’t:

“I just laughed because I didn’t think it was serious. Then I realized fairly quickly it was. Then my reaction was, is this wise, because anytime you say something the greatest ever beforehand, you’re setting yourself up for failure. And I don’t ever want to think that way. I need to think the opposite of that. I can’t control the court of public opinion. I need to do and be proud of the work that I put in. All I can do is take it as if this is all just a bonus and in a weird way, a compliment. Or it’s a giant rib. I don’t know.”

In this writer’s humble opinion, Edge deserves a lot of praise for how he’s taken that preposterous promotional plan and turned it into an actually compelling story. Christian was a big help on Monday Night Raw this week, and Orton is also playing his part, but Edge has been fantastic.

The word on the match, which was already taped, is that it was damn good. It won’t be considered the best ever, though, at least not by the majority. As Edge also told Ocal, this is all more or less subjective anyway. What is the best to you may not be the best to me.

Which is fair.

So we’ll just continue to make fun of the rib being played on these guys while hoping the match is good and appreciating the hard work they’ve put in to tell a good story anyway.

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