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Matt Riddle justifies his decision to wrestle barefoot

Last week on WWE Backstage, Booker T opened his review of NXTs Fight Pit match between Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher with four words for the King of Bros: “A pair of boots.”

Never one to pass up a hot story, UK tabloid The Sun got Riddle’s thoughts on the Hall of Famer’s advice. In fairness, this isn’t the first time Booker’s chimed in on the new SmackDown Superstar.

Anyway, here’s Matt’s justification. Which actually makes a lot of sense.

“I don’t know what’s up with this guy. He’s always got something to say. I’m not gonna wear shoes.

“I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time now, been doing it barefoot, pretty successful. I’m not saying there isn’t a toe injury out there. That could happen.

“But at the same time, you can say the same thing about my hands, like I don’t wear gloves or I don’t wear a mouthpiece so I’m gonna lose a tooth.

“It’s pro wrestling, it’s sports entertainment. It’s a crazy live show. Anything can happen, you know. So eventually, I might stub a toe. I might twist an ankle or I might break a finger. You know, I might lose a tooth, I’ve already lost a couple, things happen.

“You know, so, I mean (Booker), I respect you. But I’m probably still not gonna wear shoes bro. I’m sorry.”

Now you know.

The Sun also tried to get Riddle’s pick for best “Billionaire Strut”, but Bro played that one cool. He gave Vince McMahon the nod as the innovator, and the richest guy who does it, but he allowed that Conor McGregor usually does it before or after knocking you out, so that’s pretty cool.


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