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Christian’s return to Raw may have given us the best segment of the year


Christian coming back for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw seemed like it would be the typical WWE ploy to get a star from the past back for a lame promotional spot for an upcoming match. It turned out to be so much more than that.

Actually, it was one of the better segments WWE has delivered the entire year.

Christian played the role of concerned friend willing to tell hard truths but with a purpose. So he told Edge he’s crazy if he actually believes he can have the “GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER.” Hell, he couldn’t have that in his prime. Right now, he just looks like a guy who is running on fumes with not much left.

That gave Edge the opportunity to cop to the self-doubt he feels while also acknowledging that, yes, the whole “GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER” thing is a problem. In fact, it’s an albatross around his neck. The story here isn’t that they’re going to have the greatest wrestling match ever, but Edge’s pursuit to prove that he can come anywhere close to being a wrestler who could have the greatest wrestling match ever, even after everything that has happened.

Christian served as motivation.

Randy Orton is all that is left now.

This was fantastic.

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