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WWE Raw results, live blog (June 8, 2020): Backlash go home show

WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (June 8, 2020) from the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, with all the latest build to the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this coming Sunday night.

Advertised for tonight: Christian returns, Rey Mysterio addresses his situation, The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders in a decathlon, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)


Away out in Egypt in the Valley of Kings, where the mummified Pharaohs pretend dead in their sleep... Don’t touch, never ever steal, unless you’re in for the kill or you’ll be hit by the curse of the Pharaohs. Yes, you’ll be hit and the curse is on you, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Commentary hypes tonight’s show up for us.

Asuka makes her entrance for a match against Charlotte Flair but is interrupted by WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks making their entrance.

They get on the mic and talk about how we should be grateful for their star power and talk about how they won the tag titles. Asuka cuts them off and says this is her ring, they all bicker, and Bayley says normally that’s true but as women’s tag champs they’re allowed to float between brands, so she needs to back off and shut up—

Enter Charlotte Flair.

She says she understands they need to come out and celebrate but they need to be quick about their victory lap before somebody comes and swoops those titles off them again.

Enter the Iconic Duo.

Billie Kay calls Charlotte not the sharpest tool in the shed because the only match people want to see isn’t happening tonight, it’s Sunday at Backlash when they challenge for the tag titles in a three-way also including Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, because of course that’s what’s happening. Asuka yells at them, Charlotte deadpan agrees.

Banks and Bayley crow about the titles again and Flair says she doesn’t need a title to be relevant, and no matter how many titles they win, they’re still going to be garbage.

That gets the tag champs to attack and we got a brawl! The heels overpower the Flair and Asuka initially, but they overwhelm them in return and we go to break.

Asuka & Charlotte Flair vs. Boss and Hug Connection (Bayley & Sasha Banks) vs. Iconic Duo (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)

Tag champs working Royce over early, but the Iconics get the tag and have Bayley isolated. Flair tags in, teases tagging Asuka but doesn’t, and ends up isolated by the champs herself. Off the ropes, Asuka tags herself in, she and Flair bicker momentarily but Asuka goes off and takes everybody out!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Asuka’s rampage is cooled off by an inverted stomp facebreaker from Kay. Tag made, assisted knee, Banks breaks the cover up! Widow’s Peak takes Sasha out, Asuka stays in with a back elbow and Flair tags herself in. Fallaway slam, clear the apron, catch the boot, hard right hand to Billie! Asuka with the blind tag, jawing at Charlotte, laying chest kicks in.

Bickering over tags after Flair tags back in, big chops, up top for a moonsault but Asuka tags in and grabs the Asuka Lock...

Asuka & Charlotte Flair win by submission with the Asuka Lock on Billie Kay.

Post-match, Flair lays Asuka out with a big boot!

We get a video package for the whole Seth Rollins / Rey Mysterio saga and see Rey sitting down at home for a follow-up interview.

Seth Rollins makes his entrance and takes Byron Saxton’s seat at the commentary desk, saying he wouldn’t miss this interview for the world.

Mysterio calls him a son of a bitch and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Rey Mysterio is interviewed via satellite.

He says he saw his doctor this morning and he doesn’t want to make promises, but his eye is definitely healing. He still doesn’t know when he’s gonna be cleared to compete, but when he does, here’s a warning— he’s not gonna wait until the end of the match to hit Seth with the 619, he’s going for it the second the bell rings.

Rollins complains about Mysterio spreading misinformation and gets mad before calming himself down and saying he’s going to get Rey one more chance to walk away peacefully by inviting him and Dominick to Raw next week so he can show him that his sacrifice was for the greater good. Mysterio says the only reason he’s inviting him is that he’s not cleared, but he will be soon, and he says something really threatening sounding in Spanish.


Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo vs. Austin Theory & Buddy Murphy

Carrillo and Theory to start, Humberto right out the gates, springboard crossbody, springboard arm drag, but Austin snaps his neck over the top rope, dropkick, only a nearfall. Working Carrillo over, tags made, Black in a whirlwind of kicks into a quebrada! Drawing Murphy up, Theory runs in and gets booted off the apron!

Carrillo with a tope, Buddy with an O’Connor roll and a dropkick to Humberto on the kickout. Jockeying for position in the turnbuckles, Aleister with a high knee strike, cover...

Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo win by pinfall with a knee strike from Black on Buddy Murphy.

Post-match, Rey Mysterio’s music plays but it’s Seth Rollins wearing one of his masks and running a distraction to let his boys beat the babyfaces down. Murphy’s Law tags Black out and Seth orders his goons to hang him up in the ropes. Rollins with a handful of beard, telling him he’s gonna make him a sacrifice, ordering his boys to put him down... BLACKOUT!

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage.

He says the only question in his mind is whether Edge is going to be the only guest on the Peep Show tonight. He confirms that that is next and asks Charly Caruso to keep it quiet, but he thinks it’s quite possible there might be two guests on the show.

Christian makes his entrance, the Peep Show will begin after the break.

Back from commercial, Christian welcomes us to the show and introduces Edge without any further ado.

Christian starts out talking about how stoked he was for Edge’s return but he’s gotta be honest— he thinks he’s running on fumes already. Edge stares at him for a long beat, unsure of how to reply, and Christian continues, saying he doesn’t think Edge could have the greatest match ever even in his prime.

They’re best friends and they have to be brutally honest, right? Those are some high expectations and if Edge thinks he can live up to that, he’s lying to himself, he’s starting to buckle and he doesn’t think he can handle the pressure. Edge asks him to pump the brakes and put himself in his shoes.

Imagine what he’s going through not having had a straight-up wrestling match in nine years. It’s the equivalent of being dropped at the bottom of Mount Everest with no gear and no crew and being told to climb, so pardon him if this Edge is a little different and has some self-doubt. This isn’t the same Edge that gave Christian the confidence to go out there for their tag matches.

He talks up how Randy is an opponent firing on every cylinder at a time when he doesn’t even known how many cylinders he’s got. Christian stands up and gets in his face and tells him all he’s hearing is excuses. Did he think he was just gonna come back and give the greatest hits? What happened? Where’s the belief?

He knows Edge’s mom believed in him more than anybody, she was there at ringside for every big match, and you know she’s gonna be sitting there for this, so if Edge isn’t going to show up at Backlash, then he’d better step through the ropes and go home right now. Edge stares him in the eyes and a grin plays across Christian’s face.

He says that’s what he was looking for and he believes in him. He tells him he’s got the antivenom and he’s as good as he’s ever been and he can have the greatest wrestling match ever.

Randy Orton interrupts on the tron and asks them to shut the hell up.

He can’t stand to hear any more of this, and he says he’s hearing what they think but not what they know. Edge had one guarantee— he was going to try, and Orton thinks that’s pathetic. What’s he gonna do when he doesn’t live up to those expectations, and he’s going to embarrass and humiliate him, take every ounce of passion and grit away and leave him a broken man forced back home where he belongs with his wife and daughters.

He says on Sunday, the redemption of Edge will be over, and Edge replies that it will not be,

We get a recap of last week’s main event and Montel Vontavious Porter is interviewed backstage.

He talks up Bobby Lashley’s full nelson and says he’ll have more on the VIP Lounge tonight, when Bob is his guest.

A bang comes from across the room, and R-Truth is rooting through a road case. He tells MVP he hasn’t seen him and he’s not here because he’s got to worry about the 24/7 Championship. Lashley comes out of nowhere and swings him around in the full nelson to send us to break.

Back from commercial we get a replay of what we just saw, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

We get a video package covering the Street Profits / Viking Raiders feud and all the sports they’ve competed in to get to the 2-2 tie we’re currently sitting on.

Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) vs. Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) (Decathlon)

Viking Raiders roll up with swords and shields because swordfighting is one of the five events they’ve selected and comedy ensues.

Street Profits first selection is a 1600 meter dash, in which Montez literally runs circles around Ivar.

Street Profits go 1-0.

Vikings pick archery, and shocker, they’re the ones that are good at it. Dawkins shoots a guy, it’s a whole thing.

Viking Raiders even it back up 1-1.

Flip Cup is the second Profits event and they win with ease.

Street Profits are up 2-1.

Sword fighting next, and Montez forfeits because he can’t handle the idea of it.

Vikings even it up, 2-2.

Profits bring the hurdles, and of course they’re good at it while the Vikings just run through the hurdles.

3-2, Profits.

Stick fighting is up next for the Raiders. it’s kind of a tug of war over a milk bath, and the Vikings win.

3-3, even.

Street Profits bring a dance-off and do a routine to the tune of Sexy Boy while Ivar Fandangos. The judges score it 3-2 Profits, and again a lady thinks Ivar is cute.

4-3, Profits. I’m beginning to sense a pattern.

Vikings bring the shotput...

4-4, even.

Switching it up, Vikings have a turkey leg eating contest that they dominate...

5-4, Vikings in the lead.

Last up, the Street Profits bring the pole vault, highest vault wins. Dawkins first, Ivar second, he demands the bar be raised and he clears it but somehow it’s still the Profits win...

The Decathlon goes 5-5, bringing the overall series between Street Profits and Viking Raiders to 2-2-1, no decision.

Apollo Crews makes his entrance and we get a recap of last week’s events.

He gets on the mic and says he’s just gotta say, he’s so excited to defend his title at Backlash against the winner of a triple threat between Angel Garza, Andrade “Cien” Almas, and Kevin Owens, but—

Enter Andrade “Cien” Almas and Angel Garza to cut him off, but Kevin Owens attacks them and cleans house!

He gets in the ring and waves them in as we go to break.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens (WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Vega’s boys double-teaming Owens at length, just absolutely handing him a beating to make up for what he did before the match. This goes on at length, but their alliance starts to break down after a double suplex sees Almas try and get the win. They throw hands, action to the floor and Andrade smashes Garza into the Lexan barriers!

Zelina tries to break them up and gets knocked down, leading them to stop their squabble and check on her to send us to break.

Back from commercial, Owens is in the fight, jockeying for position with Garza atop the turnbuckles... BIG BOY SENTON ATOMICO BUT ALMAS BREAKS THE PIN UP! Andrade with the side headlock, KO ends up sentoning him onto Garza and all three men are down and out! Seizing his moment, Owens with cannonballs on both guys, superkicks throwing everywhere, Kev up top... ANDRADE KICKS OUT OF THE FROG SPLASH!

Pop-up powerbomb denied, Almas gets the back elbow for a deep two count! Garza takes Owens out with a dropkick and squares up with his stablemate as they just destroy each other with chops! Knee from Angel gets Andrade to Cactus Clothesline both of them to the floor! KO up on his feet, off the ropes... TOPE CON GIRO!

Back inside with Garza, Stunner denied, Garza takes his leg out with a dropkick and applies a calf slicer! Owens crawling... he gets the ropes! Duck a forearm... STUNNER! Andrade cuts him off before the pin...

Andrade “Cien” Almas wins by pinfall with a lateral press on Angel Garza to become #1 contender to the WWE United States Championship.

We get a recap of our opening segment, because Raw is three hours long. (Three hours long.)

Charlotte Flair is interviewed backstage.

She takes issue with the idea that she lost at TakeOver because she wasn’t pinned nor submitted, and she talks up her busy schedule. To be the woman, you have to beat the woman, and she accomplished her goal of elevating the NXT women’s division. Asuka tried to steal her moment, and tonight—

Asuka rolls up, dancing with the title belt and celebrating being champion, leading an exasperated Flair to ask if she ever takes anything serious. Her answer is a stone cold slap across the face, upon which we go to break.

Back from commercial, we see Angel Garza and Andrade “Cien” Almas arguing backstage when Zelina Vega rolls up holding her neck. She silently points off into the distance and they all walk off together.

Kurt Angle calls in and gives his two cents on Edge vs. Randy Orton at Backlash, talking up the importance of chemistry, just *snap* bringing out the best in your opponents, and he thinks Edge and Orton have it with each other. His pick to win is Edge.

Viking Raiders are backstage chatting with Drew McIntyre.

They extend him an invitation to join the raid, which he politely declines before discussing their performance in the decathlon with them and says he got them mead and turkey legs for his post-show celebration and invites them to check the VIP Lounge out tonight.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, we get some hype for tonight’s edition of Raw Talk.

Montel Vontavious Porter is in the ring to welcome us to the VIP Lounge. He talks up his guest as being a superlative physical specimen with a deadly finishing hold—

Enter Drew McIntyre, who he wasn’t talking about but who kind of fits anyway.

McIntyre says he was worried they weren’t friends anymore, but after that intro he’s glad they’re back on the same page. MVP goes to interrupt but Drew says he forgot one important thing— he’s WWE Champion. Montel gets a word in finally and says they’re not friends, before asking why he’s here. Drew says he doesn’t want him to look silly calling Bobby Lashley and Lana out to talk about their business, so let’s talk about the Claymore.

Drew says he’s still sore from the full nelson, but MVP knows all about how bad the Claymore hurts. Montel says Bob is gonna ragdoll his ass, and McIntyre asks what their relationship is— is MVP Lashley’s Yoda, telling him his secrets to win no world titles? Drew is bored with this and tells Porter he’s gonna count down and he can either take his kick like a man or run away and get chased down.

3... 2... Bobby Lashley’s in the ring! MVP says he didn’t hear him say one, and Drew gets on the mic to address Lashley, saying the only way he’s getting the title is to pull it from his cold, dead hands— HEADBUTT TO MVP! Viking Raiders are here for backup with the Street Profits in tow!

And on that stalemate, we go to break.

Bobby Lashley & Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

Porter and Ivar to start but MVP quickly tags out and the behemoths go at it. Lashley with his reverse STO to cut Warbeard off and the heels start working him over. Tide turns, Montel in the hot seat now, Vikings grinding him down but that status quo doesn’t last long either. Erik playing Ricky Morton this time, eventually, thankfully, the match breaks down and we get a little bit of “everybody do something cool” that leads the heels to face off with Street Profits at ringside.

That gives Ivar a chance to dive and send us to break.

Back from commercial we’re on our FOURTH control segment as Erik grinds Lashley down in an armbar. WWE television tag matches, folks. Yep. Lana is interviewed backstage and she talks about life/career balance or some nonsense, I dunno. She wants to make 2020 the year of Lana? I’m at the end of my rope here folks.

Anyway, wrestling moves, right, call the match Claire, keep it together, Lashley gets a snap scoop powerslam and our fifth control segment in a match that’s gone maybe 12 minutes so far. Porter tags in, Erik lights him up and knocks Bob down off the apron, overhead exploder suplex takes MVP down! Hey look, tag wrestling is kinda fun when the wrestlers actually get to, uh... do... stuff, huh?

Action spills to the floor, Lashley spears Ivar in front of McIntyre to make a point, tag made, Erik lays Montel out with a knee but Bob is right behind him with the full nelson! Swinging it around...

Bobby Lashley & Montel Vontavious Porter win by submission with the swinging full nelson from Lashley on Erik.

Post-match, Bob gets the full nelson on Ivar, Street Profits try to make the save but can’t break the hold, and only a Claymore gets Warbeard free and sends Lashley packing!

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, commentary hypes up the Backlash card.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

The bell rings and Bayley and Sasha Banks make their entrance and join the commentary booth. Flair blindsides Asuka but the champ fights back from the apron, sidestep the charge, falling kick across the back of the neck, back inside but Charlotte rams her in the corner with shoulder thrusts. Catch a kick, turn it into an ankle lock, looking for the leg-trap German suplex but Flair cuts her off with a back elbow.

Big boot, pick the leg, drag Asuka to the floor and throw her over the announce table to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Flair puts Asuka into the barricade to the approval of Banks and Bayley but the Empress hits a roundhouse kick to cut her off. Back inside, catch a boot, duck a lariat, hip attack caught into a waistlock, back elbows from the champ. Octopus hold applied, Flair slips out, basement dropkick connects.

The Iconic Duo are spotted in the crowd, Charlotte slams Asuka’s face into the mat a few times before grabbing a standing surfboard and stomping the back of her head in! Knee drop into a kneeling surfboard, wrenching back on her neck until referee John Cone admonishes her and she backs off. Knee lifts in the ropes, the Empress spills to the floor!

Off the ropes, baseball slide gets sidestepped and Asuka hits a dragon screw in the ropes! Charging after her, hip attack into the barricade! Flair turns it around on her and throws her into the barricade a few times, back inside, reverse chinlock applied, Asuka with a small package for two! Charlotte with a lariat, no dice!

Asuka to the floor, Cone making his count, Flair catches her with a baseball slide and breaks the count! Asuka with leg kicks, back inside, fired up, up top... CHARLOTTE BOOTS HER TO THE FLOOR! The Iconic Duo jump the tag champs at the commentary desk and lay them out! They drop Bayley into the desk and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Flair is in control and laying chops in, dropping Asuka to the mat! Forearms in the corner, a boot, running hip attack... ONLY A ONE COUNT! Chest kicks follow, Flair with a folding press but Asuka turns it into a cross armbar! Jockeying for position, Charlotte gets a cradle back suplex for two!

Choking the Empress over the ropes, shifting to a reverse chinlock to keep it legal, Asuka posts to her feet and sits out of it but Flair hangs on! Asuka back to her feet, back elbows, roll through the backslide and Charlotte drops her with a knee! Cocky one-foot pin gives way to a back and forth striking exchange.

Whip to the corner, Asuka off the second with a missile dropkick for some breathing room! Big boot sidestepped, the champ drops her with a German suplex, running hip attack in the corner, kicks to the ribs, off the ropes, hip attack sends Flair to the floor! Up on the apron, jockeying for position over a suplex, Charlotte shoves her off and drops her down with a boot!

Following after her, drawing her up, dragging her over to the barricade, perching... MOONSAULT OFF THE BARRICADE! Not the cleanest hit ever but it does the job, back inside, dragging her leg-first to the post and posting Asuka’s knees! Asuka pulls her into the post herself to even the score, back inside, hip attack sidestepped and a big boot lands true... SO CLOSE!

Spinning toehold, figure four blocked, spear... COUNTERED WITH A CODEBREAKER FOR A TIGHT TWO! Grounded octopus after a little back and forth, Flair fights out, leg pick for upkicks, spear... STILL NO! Slugging it out, forearm for forearm, their last ounces of desperation fueling them, armbar attempt, Asuka Lock attempt, Charlotte staying in the fight.

In the corner, breaking free but a roundhouse kick staggers the Queen! Nia Jax on the apron, Asuka with strikes and a hip attack but Flair comes charging in...

Charlotte Flair wins by pinfall with a big boot.


Post-match, Nia Jax hits the ring and picks the bones with a Samoan drop on Asuka.

That’s the show, folks.

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