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WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House results - Adam Cole ends Velveteen’s Dream in a Backlot Brawl

For the fourth match of TakeOver: In Your House, NXT took the action outside of the house. General Manager William Regal wanted Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream to have the spotlight both arrogant Superstars felt they deserved. So he sent them to a ring on a soundstage somewhere in Orlando, where a ring was surrounded by cars with their headlights on.

The NXT champion showed up in a custom Undisputed ERA truck. Dream, who will never get another shot at the title while Cole has it if he loses, rolled up in a yellow sports car. He popped out dressed like Negan from The Walking Dead, complete with a baseball bat.

Cole refused to start until he ditched the bat, but referee Drake Wuertz informed us there were no rules for the contest. He was just there to count the pin and declare a winner.

It didn’t take long before the stipulation came into play. The champ tried to drive off (in a different ride than the one he showed up in), but Velveteen attacked that with his bat. An uber driver showed up, which gave the Panama City Playboy a chance to run off. When Dream followed into the building he entered, Cole gave him a face full of fire extinguisher foam.

After both men leapt into a superkick from the other, Dream retrieved a ladder. Cole climbed to confront him, and Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong drove up. The ERA boys got there just in time to see their leader sent crashing down onto a car’s hood and windshield.

Fish & Strong worked over Velveteen, but as they filled the ring with steel chairs, Dexter Lumis emerged from under the ring.

He loaded Cole’s allies in the trunk of a car and drove off. The champ went for Panama Sunrise, but it was countered into a Dream Valley Driver. He followed with a Purple Rainmaker, but Cole kicked out!

Velveteen talked trash for too long, though. The longest reigning champ in NXT history hit a low blow. He then connected with the Panama Sunrise onto the chairs, and the Dream is over.

For a complete rundown of everything that happened in Orlando tonight, head to our live blog here.

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