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WWE is still pushing Rey Mysterio’s possible retirement

WWE has published its preview for Monday Night Raw this week on its website, and one of the lead stories is wondering whether or not Rey Mysterio will actually retire.

There’s just something amusing about the way it’s being promoted:

Rollins carried out an incomprehensible attack on Mysterio’s eye, using the steel steps to put the legendary luchador’s career in jeopardy, and the response from Mysterio and his son last week left more questions than answers. Dominik left an impassioned message of his own as he promised Rollins “an eye for an eye.”

Will Mysterio be ready to answer the questions surrounding his retirement, and will the animosity with Rollins continue to escalate?

They pretty much did this last week! Mysterio did answer, and he didn’t retire. I’m also not entirely clear on how that segment left more questions than answers when Dominik quite literally promised he would seek vengeance.

So I guess we’re just going to run it back this week.

See you then!

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