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Conor McGregor claims he’s retiring from fighting

It was just a week ago that Triple H was making clear that WWE is still very much interested in the likes of UFC stars Daniel Cormier and Conor McGregor whenever they finish up in MMA. If we’re to believe the latter, that time has come:

Then this morning:

Of course, this would be the third time he’s done this over the past few years. This could very well be a negotiating tactic, or a way to get leverage. It could also be legit, though, considering he told ESPN in an interview just today that he’s bored of it all:

“I’m a bit bored of the game,” he told ESPN. “I’m here watching the fight. I watched the last show — the [Tyron-Woodley-Gilbert Burns] show — I watched the show tonight. I’m just not excited about the game, Ariel. I don’t know if it’s no crowd. I don’t know what it is. There’s just no buzz for me.”

Considering how much money there is to be made on McGregor in the UFC, it seems highly unlikely this will stick but crazier things have happened. If it does, it opens the door for that Vince McMahon vs. Conor McGregor match for the billionaire strut.

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