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WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House results, live streaming match coverage: Adam Cole vs. Velveteen Dream, more!

WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., June 7, 2020) at 7 p.m. ET, live on WWE Network! will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of NXT TakeOver: In Your House below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show comes our way from Orlando, and it's offering up the usual stacked card. While you're waiting for the show to begin, dig into our predictions - as well as a preview of the entire card!

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with the best damn pro wrestling community on the interwebs. And remember to keep refreshing!



Io Shirai def. Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley

Karrion Kross def. Tommaso Ciampa

Adam Cole def. Velveteen Dream

Keith Lee def. Johnny Gargano

Finn Bálor def. Damian Priest

Mia Yim, Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart def. Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai & Raquel González


Spreaded wings fly out at sunset, so high above, back before dawn. Return of the vampire, leaving his lair. He’s out for blood, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you folks.

Todd Pettengill introduces the pre-show for us, because that’s where we’re at in the year of our lord 2020.

He tosses to our regular pre-show crew of Scott Stanford, Sam Roberts, and Pat McAfee for all our regular pre-show business, breaking down matches and such.

The main show opens with a Todd Pettengill-narrated video package running tonight’s show down for us.

Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Mia Yim, Shotzi Blackheart, & Tegan Nox

Yim and LeRae to start, but Candice immediately tags out to Gonzalez. Collar and elbow, Raquel shoves her off but Mia goes right back in with a go-behind. Slung off, Yim lights her up with chops and a guillotine choke attempt but Gonzalez reverses to a suplex lift and Mia slips out. Tag to Nox, leg kicks, chopping the giant down, off the ropes, Raquel blasts her with a shoulder block!

Tag to Kai, former friends trading pinning predicaments, both women go for headbutts and are staggered! Tegan recovers first, stacking her up in the corner, big senton for two! Blackheart tags in, boot and a spin-out bulldog, jockeying for position over the apron and Dakota hits her with a scorpion kick for a nearfall.

Tag to LeRae, Shotzi rolls away from a senton, roundhouse kick sends her out of the ring and the match breaks down with the two teams squaring up. Blackheart off the ropes, tope... GONZALEZ CATCHES HER AND SLAMS HER ON THE FLOOR! Yim with a dive, Candice follows it with a plancha, Nox up top herself... SENTON ATOMICO INTO THE CRUSH!

Back inside, Shotzi with double knees off the top, senton in the ropes, cover... NOPE! Following it up... CATTLE MUTILATION! KAI BREAKS IT UP! Blackheart on the back foot now, heels working her over, quick tags. Shotzi gets away, tag to Yim, she and LeRae tearing it up and Mia hits a Dragon suplex for a close two! Looking for Sole Food, no dice, Candice counters into a pumphandle suplex!

Tags made, Nox lighting Gonzalez up with body blows, stomp the foot, uppercut, off the ropes, thinking crossbody but Raquel catches her! Float over, leg kick, looking for the Shiniest Wizard... COUNTER POWERBOMB! Gonzalez shoves Mia out of the ring, she and Candice fight to the back! Dakota tags in, Blackheart with the save, malfunction at the junction and Gonzalez eats a boot!

Chokeslam on Kai, babyfaces running hot, clear the ring...

Mia Yim, Shotzi Blackheart, & Tegan Nox win by pinfall with the Shiniest Wizard from Nox on Dakota Kai.

Damian Priest vs. Finn Balor

Balor starting hot with a dropkick before the bell!

Stomps in the ropes at the bell, chop in the corner, stomping away at the knee and Priest bails! Finn follows, Damian gets control with strikes, pushing him around the ringside area and taking the steel steps apart, standing on the bottom step... SIDE SLAM OFF THE STEPS AND INTO THE APRON! Back inside, taunting kicks and forearms, reverse STO connects!

Whip into a back elbow, cover for one, and into a half nelson chinlock. Balor out with a jawbreaker but Priest boxes his ears! Balor with a boot up, a forearm, off the ropes, duck the lariat, flying forearm connects! Whip blocked, jockeying for position, Finn gets a straight suplex! Dropkick puts Damian through the ropes, and Balor follows after him, kicking the crap out of him against the barricades!

Balor breaks the count, back inside, off the ropes, Priest nails him with an Axe Bomber! Thinking about the Razor’s Edge, blocked, reversed... BROKEN ARROW! Thinking about the powerbomb again, Finn with the double leg into the double stomp! Trading strikes, trading charging strikes, Pele kick... SO CLOSE!

Victory roll for two, clothesline to the floor, Priest hops back up on the apron and clobbers Balor on the charge! Whip into the barricade... RAZOR’S EDGE INTO THE APRON! Back inside, cover... NOPE! Charging forearm, charging back elbow... SLING BLADE! BALOR’S BACK IN THE FIGHT! 540 roundhouse kicks get an inverted facelock elbow drop, Finn with the shotgun dropkick to follow up, headed up top... PRIEST GETS THE GOOZLE!

Climbing up with him... AVALANCHE CHOKESLAM! Both men down and out, slow to rise, Damian on his feet and stalking, action to the apron, trading strikes, Razor’s Edge lift, Finn slips out! A forearm blasts Priest off the apron and into the steel steps! Back inside, Balor right up top... COUP DE GRACE ACROSS THE BACK OF THE NECK!

Up top...

Finn Balor wins by pinfall with the Coup de Grace.

We see Io Shirai hanging out backstage, preparing for her match.

Adam Cole does an ad for ICOPRO, because sure.

Johnny Gargano vs. Keith Lee (c) (NXT North American Championship)

Gargano keeping his distance in the feeling out, Lee easily chucks him across the ring. Side headlock, again Keith throws Johnny aside, throwing strikes but there’s a lot of ducking and dodging and we get a stalemate! Shoulder block knocks Gargano over and he bails to the floor for a breather. Lee follows after, Johnny back inside, dropkick sets up a dive but the Limitless One catches him!

Spirit Bomb dodged, superkick off the apron, follow it up with a cannonball and again Lee catches him! Rake the eyes to block the Spirit Bomb, Keith sidesteps and Johnny kicks the steps! Hossing him up, Snake Eyes into the apron and Lee pulls him out of the ring to drop him with a forearm! Fighting up on the stage, Keith with the huge double chop and then a biel down the aisle!

Back inside, Johnny on top of him with strikes but Lee shrugs him off and attacks! The injured hand gives out, Gargano on top of him again, stepping on his hand, climbing up for mounted punches to the bad eye! Keith shoves him off, Johnny resumes with forearms, arm wringer into a wristlock, Lee shoves him off but Johnny is right on him with a boot.

Scraping his forearm bones across Keith’s face, wrenching his hand and fingers over the turnbuckle! Cobra clutch applied, Lee flagging but not failing, posting back up to one foot but Johnny cuts him off with springboard stomps to the orbital bone! Punches to the eye, keeping the pressure on. Wristlock, Lee fires up, forearms, jockeying for position in and around the corner, enzuigiri from Gargano, Superman Spear countered by swatting him to the mat!

Backbreaker follows it up for two, thinking about the Spirit Bomb, Johnny fights out, desperate forearms and Keith clobbers him down! Foreams, off the ropes, pop-up, counter the Spirit Bomb into a cross armbar! Lee hosses him up but Gargano wrenches the fingers to keep control! Last gaps, Keith picks him up and throws him aside!

Johnny with forearms, Lee drops him with a lariat for two! Again jockeying for postion over the Spirit Bomb, Gargano with a sunset flip for two! Both men down and out, back up, neither able to quite land a maneuver until Johnny hits a superkick! Lee gets him up, Ground Zero countered into a small package... NOT HAPPENING!

Buzzsaw roundhouse, Gargano off the ropes, thrust spinebuster gets him but Lee can’t make a cover and Johnny bails to the floor! Lee follows after, suicide dive into a DDT but both men are so spent it’s hard to make anything of it! Gargano crawls over, dragging the champ, rolling him over, desperate to get him back in the ring but the Limitless One is hard to budge!

Referee Danilo Anfibio counting, Johnny breaks the count, in and back out, Lee is back on his feet... POUNCE THROUGH ONE OF THE LEXAN PANELS AT RINGSIDE! Dragging Gargano back to the stage, putting him up on one shoulder, walking casually... Candice LeRae is here! Mia Yim is right behind her and we get a brawl! They fight through the ring and Johnny takes advantage by digging a key into Lee’s injured eye!

Slingshot DDT... KEITH LEE IS LIMITLESS AND STILL IN THE MATCH! Basement superkick, no dice, another one, laying them in over and over... AND STILL KEITH LEE KICKS OUT! Stomping the injured hand, Lee fires up and goozles him, pops him up... ONE SPIRIT BOMB AND YOUR WHOLE LIFE CHANGES! Primal roar, another Spirit Bomb, pulling him right up...

Keith Lee wins by pinfall with Big Bang Catastrophe to retain the NXT North American Championship.

We get an ad for WWE Ice Cream Bars, finally returned to us.

Charlotte Flair is shown backstage getting ready for her match.

Adam Cole (c) vs. Velveteen Dream (NXT Championship Backlot Brawl)

Adam Cole drives up in a long monster truck covered in Undisputed ERA branding.

Velveteen Dream, for his part, rolls up in a yellow Lamborghini. He gets out of his car, baseball bat in hand, and poses, declaring he’s gonna be the next NXT Champion.

Referee Drake Wuertz explains the match is anything goes and must end in the ring.

Cole wants a fair fight and refuses to leave his truck until Dream drops the bat. Velveteen obliges and Adam gets in the ring and tries to take VD’s head off with the title belt! Dream ducks, a backslide for two, Oklahoma Roll to the same end and Cole bails! Back inside, pump kick connects, grounded punches, Dream is sent sprawling.

VD with the bat in hand, Cole gets in a car and tries to drive off but with no keys he’s helpless as Velveteen attacks the car with the bat! Adam gets out, they trade blows, a new car rolls up and apparently somebody called an Uber? Dream puts Cole into the poor driver’s back seat head-first and then she speeds off.

Brawling over by a building, VD with a back rake, knocking him down, looking to slam a garbage can into the champ but he rolls away! Adam staggers off, tries and fails to open a door as Dream staggers after him with a trash can in hand. Cole with a fire extinguisher, clubbing away, brawling him back to the ringside area.

Trading shots, VD is slumped against the grille of a vehicle and Cole calls him stupid for refusing to quit. Dream chokes him with something briefly to turn the tide, and a dry heaving champ gets cut off and rammed into the ringpost! Back in the ring, cover, but Adam is too close to the ropes and rolls out!

Dream up top, diving... COUNTERED WITH A SUPERKICK! Cole off the apron himself, and VD hits him with a superkick of his own! Scoop and a World’s Strongest Slam into the hood of a car! Velveteen gets a ladder and drops it in front of the car before straddling Adam on the hood and punching his face in!

Back to the ladder, he sets it up and climbs up top... BUT A CAR ROLLS UP AND HONKS TO CUT HIM OFF! RODERICK STRONG AND BOBBY FISH ARE HERE! Cole recovers and brawls with Dream... AND GETS KNOCKED OFF THE LADDER AND INTO THE WINDSHIELD, SHATTERING IT! Cole bleeding from the arm, but Strong and Fish swarm him and put boots to him!

Adam tells his pals that they know what to do, and they get in the back of his truck and fill the ring with steel chairs! One chair slides under the ring and Dexter Lumis emerges with it in hand! He wails on Roddy and Bobby with the chair and backs them off, stuffing them in the trunk of a car! He drives off and Cole is left alone!

Adam crawls over to the ring and drags himself up the apron and up top... COUNTERED INTO A DREAM VALLEY DRIVER BUT COLE KICKS OUT! Adam setting a chair up, pulling himself up, VD up top... PURPLE RAINMAKER ON THE CHAIR! SO CLOSE! Drawing him up, Dream tells him it’s over... AND COLE UPPERCUTS HIS GENTLEMAN’S AREA!


Adam Cole wins by pinfall with Panama Sunrise to retain the NXT Championship.

Todd Pettengill does a WWE Shop ad and is confused to learn that the 900 number doesn’t work anymore. We see D-Generation X struggling to figure out how to use a computer.

Karrion Kross vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Action falls to the floor rather quickly, back in, hanging DDT blocked, Kross picks him up and Ciampa hauls off with a right hand and a big boot! Back to the floor... CHOKEBOMB INTO THE APRON! Karrion taking his time, back inside, knees in the corner, leg pick, release northern lights suplex and he’s fired up! Neck crank, clawing at his face, a straight suplex this time!

More knees in the corner, northern lights suplex rolled into a wicked lariat! Tom with palm strikes, trying to claw his way back into it, some real BattlArts stuff! Enzuigiri into a knee, Kross to the floor... WILLOW’S BELL! NOPE! Running knee follows it up, another one, underhooks, countered... F-5! Bodyscissors sleeper, KrossJacket applied...

Karrion Kross wins by referee stoppage with the KrossJacket.

Code Orange are shown hanging out in the crowd.

Robert Stone is shown all bummed out.

Renee Young hypes up Triple H’s post-show conference call.

Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley (NXT Women’s Championship)

Flair off the ropes, stopping short, heading to the floor to let the other two fight it out for the time being. Collar and elbow, Ripley shoves Shirai away and Charlotte returns to attack her and run away! Io with a pin, no dice, Rhea punches her in the throat and again Flair returns to cut her off! Boots in the corner, Shirai pulls her away, charges in, boots up from Ripley!

Charlotte with a neckbreaker on Rhea, catches Io into a fallaway slam, and she declares this to be, not our house, but her house. Laying chops on both contenders, posing, but soon enough they both lay in on the Queen! Ripley with a headbutt to Shirai, clubbing away on Flair, whip into the corner, Flair Flip, forearm from the apron!

Shoulder thrust for Io, Rhea pulls the champ off the apron but she dodges the cannonball followup! Flair throws her into the Lexan barrier! Shirai with a diving Frankensteiner off the apron, but Charlotte throws her into the ringpost after! Throwing Io into Ripley, taking Shirai back in the ring, putting her into the ropes, ducking and dodging, catch the dropkick and the champ has her Boston Crab locked on!

Io rolls on her back, upkicks to break free and Rhea comes in with lariats on Flair! Cravate knee lifts, off the ropes, big boot takes her out! Off the ropes, dropkick, pop-up, Shirai with a dropkick and she’s the one left standing! Tiger feint kick on Flair, Io off the top, nobody home, roll through, victory roll into a double stomp!

Off the ropes, basement dropkick, cover... NOPE! Shirai fired up, Ripley comes in, O’Connor roll, Io with a back elbow, all three women down and out! Rhea to her knees, turning to Shirai as she rises as well... AND CHARLOTTE SPEARS BOTH OF THEM FOR TWO! Flair drags Ripley into the corner, stacks Io right up with her, up top, moonsault... RHEA GETS THE KNEES UP!

Looking for Riptide, Io counters... FROM DUSK ‘TIL DAWN ON FLAIR! Charlotte out of it, big boot on Rhea but she kicks out! Natural Selection dodged, back suplex facebuster in reply and Io comes out of nowhere with a missile dropkick to be the only one standing! Fired up, the crowd such as it is behind her, corner knees... BUT FLAIR HITS NATURAL SELECTION FOR A CLOSE THREE!

Shirai with a crucifix pin for two, Flair gets the spinning toehold into the figure four leglock, bridging back but Rhea pulls her out of the ring and wails on her with overhand clubs! Brawling against the barricade, stumbling up to the stage, Io takes Ripley out with a crossbody! The champion makes herself known with an axehandle... SHE THROWS SHIRAI THROUGH THE WINDOW OF THE SET!

Ripley nails her with a spotlight and ends up raining palm strikes down on a grounded Flair! Trading palm strikes, Charlotte grabs a handful of hair and smashes Rhea’s face into the Lexan barrier! Meanwhile, Io is on top of the set... PLANCHA OFF THE ROOF! Shirai drags Flair to her feet and throws her back in the ring!

Headed up top, thinking about the moonsault but Ripley cuts her off! Sidestep the charge, Charlotte takes the turnbuckles hard and rolls to the floor! Rhea climbs up with Io, jockeying for position... SHIRAI GOES FOR AN AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER BUT RIPLEY BLOCKS IT AND FLAIR RETURNS TO HAMMER HER WITH A BOOT!

Chops in the corner, climbing up with Rhea, jockeying for position... AVALANCHE RIPTIDE BUT SHIRAI BREAKS IT UP! Ripley misses a kick, Shirai lays strikes in, wheelbarrow countered into a standing inverted cloverleaf! FLAIR RETURNS TO THE RING WITH A KENDO STICK AND WAILS ON BOTH WOMEN! Spear on Rhea, leg pick, spinning toehold, figure four leglock, trying to bridge back... IO SHIRAI MOONSAULTS ON RIPLEY! IT’S OVER!

Io Shirai wins by pinfall with the diving moonsault on Rhea Ripley to win the NXT Women’s Championship.

Post-match, Io Shirai celebrates in a sea of streamers and confetti.

That’s the show, folks.

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