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Todd Pettengill is back for TakeOver: In Your House

WWE Network

Faced with putting on an event-level show without fans in the stands, Triple H and his team opted for a nostalgic appeal for their next NXT TakeOver.

Leaning on WWE’s overall celebration of The Game’s 25th anniversary with the company, they announced they were bringing back the old In Your House name for their June 7 Network special. And once you do that, people start thinking about other things they associate with the 90s PPV concept.

We’ve seen the graphics, and heard the rumors about sets & sounds. We’ll find out more about those tomorrow night at showtime. But they didn’t wait to bring back a name fans associate with the only monthly In Your House PPVs.

You can’t throw a House Party without Todd Pettengill!

PWInsider reports that this trailer isn’t the only thing Pettengill, a radio DJ who bridged the mid-90s gap between Sean Mooney and Michael Cole as “the voice of WWE”, will be doing this weekend in relation to Sunday’s show.

Excited to have the Toddster back? What other old school elements are you hoping to see tomorrow night at TakeOver: In Your House?

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