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Bobby Lashley has no idea why his story with Rusev was dropped

Bobby Lashley is a pretty big deal right now, considering that he’s booked in a WWE championship match at Backlash 2020.

Prior to this, Lashley received a showcase storyline with Lana and Rusev towards the end of 2019, that resulted in Lana divorcing Rusev and marrying Bob. Yet after months of development, their story was dropped without a proper blow off match.

Rusev and Lashley were mysteriously kept out of the Royal Rumble match earlier this year, and some rumors about a contract dispute or an injury popped up in the aftermath. They fought each in other in some tag matches involving Liv Morgan in February, but that was abruptly the end of it. Rusev went on to be released by WWE in April, while Lashley flipped some tires over and fell out of the spotlight.

Lashley recently talked to Digital Spy about the end of his feud with Rusev, and even he can’t explain what happened there:

“I really don’t know what happened to tell you the truth. I think we were at the point where the revenge needed to happen and it didn’t. I don’t know where we could have went or where we were going to go with it. I just wish that I could have had the match that I wanted to have with Rusev. I’ve seen him in some great matches and I think I could have had one with him.”

Let’s hope that Lashley instead gets to have a great match with Drew McIntyre at Backlash, even if it pales in comparison to The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever between Edge and Randy Orton.

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