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Drake Maverick: I took an opportunity and I ran with it

In his first interview as a newly signed NXT Superstar (embedded above), Drake Maverick discussed the tearful promo he cut after learning he was one of WWE’s roster cuts back in April.

He doesn’t shed much light on when the shoot became a work, however. He certainly doesn’t address when WWE decided to make it a storyline.

Maverick answers a couple of questions, and both are open for interpretation - just like the entire angle has been. Drake talks about being taking part in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament shortly after being released as an opportunity. He lumps it in with other opportunities he took when others didn’t want them like the 205 Live General Manager gig, and the 24/7 title. But that doesn’t tell us if this quest for a job angle was a storyline WWE offered him, or if he pitched it, or they decided on it together after his video went viral.

The second answer is about what he would say if he could send a message back to the April 15 version of himself. That one is even more tied into kayfabe, but Maverick’s response - that he’d tell himself, and anyone else struggling, that it’s going to be okay - is an example of why this resonated with people even if it was shady. It’s hard to not root for someone chasing their dream, and Drake is an easy guy to root for.

Check out the interview in the header, be happy for Maverick, and let the speculation & debate continue.

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