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Here’s your Daniel Bryan/CM Punk reunion, sadly not brought to you by Tout

In my mind, I had Daniel Bryan’s appearance on WWE Backstage while CM Punk was booked on the FS1 show built up to such an unreasonable degree that the final product probably couldn’t help but be disappointing. But the above extended cut Fox released is still a really entertaining 25 minutes between three colleagues (Renee Young being the third) who’ve known and liked each other for a long time.

Your opinion on it will largely depend on how much you like to listen to Bryan talk, right? Because he’s easily the person who gets the most mic time. But Punk shares his perspective on several things from the almost two decades they’ve known each other, too.

Included in there is a section on how weird it is that Bryan almost kayfabe married Punk’s now wife April “AJ Lee” Mendez, and that they once wrestled for the WWE title on the mid-card of a PPV headlined by John Cena vs. DB’s now father-in-law, John Laurinaitis.

It’s worth a watch, so check it out.

You’ll just have to pretend it’s brought to you by Tout.

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