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WWE NXT results, live blog (June 3, 2020): TakeOver go home

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight: Drake Maverick makes his latest and possibly last last stand in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship Tournament against El Hijo del Fantasma, Mia Yim and Candice LeRae mix it up, a “Prime Target” special looking at the main events of Sun., June 7’s TakeOver: In Your House, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE ALLOWED IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED.)

Enjoy the show!


Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Tom Phillips welcome us to the show, and the crowd is cheering the heel, who enters first for the kickoff.

Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim

LeRae pays for her arrogance at the start, but after a PK from Mia she gets caught with a kick. Candice’s flurry leads to a nearfall after three sentons. Yim back in control after she’s able to power her opponent into the corner and hit her with a cannonball. Action spins to the outside when The HBIC blasts LeRae off the apron with a forearm. She follows that by swinging her into the barricade, and they’re brawling on the ramp when the referee’s count hits ten.

Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim ends in a double countout

It’s chaos after the bell, with Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez joining Candice, which brings out babyfaces Tegan Nox & Shotzi Blackheart. Johnny Gargano runs in, which brings out his TakeOver opponent Keith Lee. After helping up his lady friend, the North American champ and Yim charge the ring. The Garganos bail, but we’re informed this is now a mixed tag as we head to our first commercial.

Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim & Keith Lee

When we return, Johnny is arguing that he’s not dressed to perform. He tells his wife they’re leaving and they head up the ramp, but the Limitless One grabs him, presses him over his head, and carries him back to the ring.

The ladies start at the bell, and it’s all Yim. Candice is reeling, crawling to the wrong corner for a tag. Seoul Food gets two, but LeRae targets Mia’s knee when her husband helps her at the ropes with a distraction. Yim back in it with a running boot in the corner, but Johnny starts jawing with her and lets the missus recover. LeRae grabs her legs to keep her from tagging, but Mia hits the Dragon Suplex to cover. Gargano breaks up the pin, but that brings in Keith.

It’s all Lee, but when he looks to end it with a Spirit Bomb, Johnny hits him in the eye with something that sends him down... it’s Johnny’s car keys! Yim checks on her man, which allows Candice to slip in and roll her up.

Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae vs. Mia Yim & Keith Lee

In the aftermatch, Gargano runs in and stabs the champ in the hand! He grabs the NA title and lays it out as the heels back away.

Tommaso Ciampa and Karrion Kross’ TakeOver match gets some hype. Ciampa tells him that on June 7 Kross will find out that there’s special, and then there’s Tommaso Ciampa.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Dexter Lumis, and asks him what the odds of Velveteen Dream defeating Adam Cole to become the new NXT champ. He doesn’t say anything, and walks off only to return with an easel. He’s working on something when we go to our next break.

Earlier today, Mitchell catches Drake Maverick entering the building. He’s feeling no pressure, because it’s either going to be the best day of his life or the worst day of his life. He could become Cruiserweight champ! He could gorge out at catering because his WWE career is over! That’s the beauty of it. Tonight we find out.

The Prime Target on Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole’s “Backlot Brawl” is next. It starts with Undisputed ERA (including Kyle O’Reilly!) picking up the NXT champ on June 1 for a celebration. Meanwhile, the challenger is rollerblading and remembering all his issues with Cole & the ERA. The back and forth continues, as we see Undisputed toasting Cole’s year as champ, and Dream runs down his numbers advantage (his youth, his three count on Cole, etc) and has his ladies bring him his mirror. He dismisses them and talks to the mirror, and the ghost of Prince tells him he’s going to win.

We get picks from folks like Sam Roberts, Pat McAfee, and Drew McIntyre. Then there’s a recap of General Manager William Regal booking the match, and that’s that.

We find out there will be a Triple Threat to determine the #1 contenders for the NXT Tag titles. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch face Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong of TUE and a MYSTERY TEAM!

We’re back with Lumis & Mitchell. Dexter’s drawn a caricature that shows him driving off with Roddy, KOR, and Fish in the back. I guess he’s abducting them to make sure Dream vs. Cole is one-on-one.

Tony Nese vs. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott

Swerve is pissed from the attack from Nese that led to his last tournament loss. He’s kicking his butt all around the ring until Tony fishhooks his mouth when Swerve tries to whip him into the steps. Nese levels Scott with a back elbow shortly after they both beat the ten count. He starts working the heat. We gets a body scissor, and they slap and chop each other in it. Swerve gets top position, but the Premiere Athlete goes for a choke. Scott powers up and turns that into a brainbuster.

Punches from Scott, but Nese trips him up while running the ropes. He misses a follow-up senton. Swerve sends him to the floor, then sends him crashing into the steel steps. He throws Tony in, where the former champ grabs the ropes and hits him with a throat strike off the break. Swerve climbs, but here comes Gentleman Jack Gallagher with a distraction. Nese uses it to get Scott up for a sunset driver, but that gets countered into a sunset flip that ends it.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott def. Tony Nese via pinfall

Gallagher rushes in, but Swerve escapes the heels.

We see Oney & Danny getting ready before more commercials.

Undisputed ERA vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Breezango

Dango’s back! The Fashion Police have a whole astronaut themed entrance. Phillips breaks down the rules, which give us one member of each team in the ring at all times, tags only allowed to partners, and no countouts.

This is gonna be one of those ones that I won’t even pretend to be able to keep up with. We go to break with Fish & Strong regrouping outside while the Brit-Am Brawlers and Breezango have a standoff in the ring. Burch & Breeze are double-teaming Strong when we get back, but Roddy gives as good as he gets. Big backbreaker on Prince Pretty as Fish flattens Burch on the floor. The ERA work over Tyler, keeping him in their corner while they tag in and out. Burch is back in, which allows Breeze to finally tag Fandango.

He’s a house afire, and almost gets a pin on Strong until Fish breaks it up. Danny gets to his corner, and it’s Oney’s turn to clean house. He’s going a little too fast though, and Dango is able to catch him and throw him on a bunch of dudes on the floor. Them Burch gives him a boost as he flies onto the pile. Things get confusing, and Drake Wuertz is trying to settle things down when we see Dexter Lumis in the crowd. His stare throws off the ERA, and allows the Fashion Police to level Fish. Dango with a leg drop off the top and that’s it.

Breezango def. Undisputed ERA and Lorcan & Burch via pinfall to become #1 contenders

Imperium are out to stare down the goofy dudes while they celebrate. Malcolm Bivens leads Indus Sher to the stage, and Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel look back and forth between the two teams as the segment ends.

We see Chelsea Green firing Robert Stone last week, then it’s back to action.

Aliyah vs. Santana Garrett

Back elbow and neckbreaker from Aliyah, and a disheveled Stone makes his way to ringside. The heel is in control until Garrett backs Aliyah into the corner. She ends it a few seconds later with a handspring moonsault.

Santana Garrett def. Aliyah via pinfall

Stone can’t believe it.

Our next Prime Target is on the Women’s title. Io Shirai‘s in the water, talking about the strength she gets from being alone. Rhea Ripley is getting up early to go to the gym. She talks about how great her 2019 ended, and how rocky her 2020’s been. Charlotte Flair’s practicing in the ring, talking about how she’s NXT homegrown. Rhea gets some more time talking about Sunday, with talking heads covering her decision to challenge Flair after Royal Rumble. Those same people talk up Shirai as one of the best in the world. Very good hype piece.

Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed

The bigger Reed dominates, but after being dropped out of a military press and sentoned, Grimes grabs the ropes and uses that as an opening to land a few shots. Bronson is right back into, following a whip into the corner with hip attack. But when Reed misses a splash off the top, Cave In out of nowhere and that’s all she wrote.

Cameron Grimes def. Bronson Reed via pinfall

The North Carolinian is celebrating when Karrion Kross slides in behind him. Grimes bails, and Kross hits the Doomsday Saito suplex on Reed. He delivers a warning to Ciampa. Tick Tock.

We learn that the women from the post-countout brawl that started the show will be in a six-person tag at TakeOver. Then it’s time for the main event.

El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Drake Maverick

Fantasma offers his hand, and Drake accepts... only to get rolled up! The larger man remains in control, occasionally working the arm which Kushida injured last week. Maverick with a head scissor takedown to get back into it. The action spills outside, and Drake launches an attack from the apron as we hit another break.

The Brit is in control, landing punches in the corner when we return. Maverick kicks out Fantasma’s knee, then hits a drop kick for two. The luchador rolls out, and when Drake follows he gets hit with a sit-out powerbomb on the floor! Maverick screams in pain but kicks out of a cover back in the ring. Fantasma locks in the Romero Special and stretches the released Superstar. A counter gets two on Fantasma, but a back drop driver on Maverick almost ends Drake’s dream.

He manages to kick the knee again on a charge and get in the driver’s seat, but he jumps right into a Boston crab. Drake struggles to the bottom rope, crying about how he’ll never quit. Fantasma lets him get to his feet, then hits another sit-out powerbomb that gets two. Drake pumps himself up, which only angers his opponent. Fantasma screams at him bit Maverick reverses the whip and rains down blows. Bulldog, followed by an elbow drop, but that only gets a one count.

Jawbreaker and spinebuster from Fantasma. He climbs, but Maverick catches him with a flying elbow. He’s on the apron when the luchador grabs his hair. They battle up top and hit strikes at the same time. Fantasma falls all the way to the floor, but Drake falls into the ring.

The mini-van luchadors are here! They go for Fantasma but Maverick dives on them, not wanting anything to taint his win. But when he gets in the ring, he gets hit with the superkick and Phantom Driver.

El Hijo del Fantasma def. Drake Maverick via pinfall to win the NXT Interim Cruiserweight title

The champ celebrates and leaves. The crowd chants for Drake, who looks in the camera and tells us he loves us, and thanks us. He slowly backs out to applause as the announcers talk about how heartbroken they are.

Triple H is here, and he’s got a contract. A weeping Drake Maverick signs it!

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