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Edge is writing all his own promos


During a recent appearance on the Busted Open podcast, Edge revealed he has near complete freedom when it comes to what he’s saying and doing on-screen, which would help explain why so much of what he’s done since coming back has been so damn good.

As he put it (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

“I have been given almost full carte blanche. There’s a couple things that I tried to go against, but I realize that the lines were drawn, and that wasn’t going to get changed. So that was fine, but the promos, I’m writing them. The storyline arc, I put it together. … It’s all a work in progress really, but I’ve been given so much freedom, and that has been so much fun.”

We know he’s not the one who came up with the idea to promote his match against Randy Orton at Backlash as the “GREATEST WRESTLING MATCH EVER” but he still managed to make it work in a way so many others wouldn’t have been able to. His promos have been fantastic, and knowing he’s the one writing his own stuff is yet another indicator that wrestlers should be given a lot more freedom to create in WWE.

Not all of these guys are great actors, so why ask them to act?

Either way, let’s appreciate Edge for being so damn good.

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