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This is a Chad Gable we can get behind

Recently on Friday Night SmackDown, Chad Gable, still going by that awful name, Shorty G, defeated Mojo Rawley in a straight up singles match. It was referred to by Michael Cole as an “upset,” which ended up being the basis for the following promo he posted to Twitter:

“Something inside of me died when I heard people call that an upset. An upset? The piece of me that died was that small piece that was still trying to prove himself to other people. That’s over with. Some people see me a certain way and it’s never gonna change, and that’s fine. That was an upset? The only person I have to prove myself to anymore is me. Let’s make one thing clear: that was not an upset. Maybe you’ve forgot who I am, right? Maybe you’ve forgotten what I’ve accomplished so far. Well, I haven’t forgotten anything. I know exactly where I started, I know exactly what I’ve accomplished in my career, and most importantly I know what I’m going to accomplish. So if you think that was an upset I can’t wait to see what in the hell you call it when you see what I do to the rest of the SmackDown roster. There isn’t a word for it. These ain’t upsets.”

That is outstanding stuff.

This is the character we need back on television right now. No more of this Shorty G nonsense.

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