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WWE officials reportedly unhappy Renee Young revealed her COVID diagnosis

Word is contractors and employees are not supposed to share their test results with anyone but the people they live with.

After reports came out Weds., June 24 that multiple people at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando tested positive for COVID-19, Renee Young tweeted that she was one of those who’d contracted the novel coronavirus.

Since then, we’ve heard reports that Young is “pretty sick”. But as of Thursday night, WWE executives like Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Triple H, and Mark Carrano had not contacted Young - at least according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

That could be because, as pointed out by Dave Meltzer elsewhere in this week’s Newsletter, company officials aren’t happy she shared her diagnosis with the world. Her tweet allegedly “did not go over well.” WWE hasn’t confirmed or commented on any of the people who’ve gone public with their test results, and their only statement on this week’s news fails to even acknowledge positive tests.

An anonymous letter sent to Wrestling Inc sheds more light on the issue. Inc’s source, purportedly a developmental talent, says people have been told they’re “forbidden” to reveal their test results to anyone other than people they live with.

“Now that WWE has more talent and staffers starting to test positive, we’ve been informed by talent relations not to discuss our illness with anyone besides those we live with that may need to know. We are FORBIDDEN to tell anyone else nor can we come out publicly to make any statements. It was stressed that WWE will take care of any medical treatments, should we need them. In the same breath it was made clear the company would handle the PR and only those that needed to know about our condition would know as HIPAA laws would prevent them from making our names public.”

Adhering to privacy laws is good, as is paying for medical treatment. At the same time, if WWE were to actually make all of its performers employees instead of “independent contractors,” everyone would already have health insurance - and it would make it more sense for them to tell people what they can & can’t say about their own lives, and to who.

But then, if Inc’s anonymous letter is to be believed, WWE was actively discouraging mask use among contracted talent & fans in the audience at tapings. And some of those in attendance are lying about attending public gatherings to get around screening at the PC. So there are plenty of problems that should be addressed, but probably won’t be.

Not sure what else to say except, get well soon Renee. And maybe start looking for a new job as soon as you can.

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