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Liv Morgan isn’t happy with how WWE edited her match on Raw

It’s still a bit too early to accurately identify a whole bunch of wrestlers who will be pushed harder or moved down the card now that Paul Heyman has been removed from WWE creative. But even at this early juncture, it seems like a pretty good guess that Liv Morgan’s push in a singles role is in danger.

After winning most of her matches in April, Morgan didn’t wrestle on Raw for over a month, and has now returned to action with two consecutive losses. Her most recent loss occurred this week (June 22) when she tapped out to Natalya’s sharpshooter.

Liv Morgan has since called out WWE for editing out specific parts of her match where she showed off some of her impressive moves in the ring:

To be fair to WWE, Raw is only 3 hours long, and those constant replays of the big angle that we just watched thirty minutes ago is the kind of critical content that just can’t be squeezed off the show simply to make room for Liv’s offense.

Snark aside, I’m sitting here flabbergasted that WWE thinks it’s a better idea to push the Natalya/Lana duo right now when Morgan, Bianca Belair, and Shayna Baszler are fresher stars who are right there sitting in the doldrums of creative purgatory.

Do you think WWE intentionally cut Liv’s offense down in the match in order to keep her from outshining her opponent?

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