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Charlotte Flair says she will be back very soon

WWE ran an injury angle involving Charlotte Flair on this week’s (June 22) episode of Raw. Nia Jax attacked Flair backstage, putting her on the shelf for a while with a kayfabe collarbone injury.

In the aftermath of that angle, there were conflicting reports about why Flair was written off television, and how long she’ll be gone. It sounded like her hiatus could last anywhere from six weeks to seven months.

Flair spoke with Sport Hiatus and clarified how long she’ll be gone from WWE television:

“Yeah, so I’ll only be gone for a few weeks...[Nobody is] gonna miss me. They’re still going to feel like I’m there, is basically what I’m saying. I’m gone but I’m not really gone.”

The latter part of her explanation was a reference to how active she’ll be on social media during this brief hiatus from television.

Charlotte’s response seems to line up with PW Insider’s report that she’ll miss six weeks due to elective surgery. It also lines up with Ric Flair’s expectation that we’ll see her in a WWE ring at SummerSlam 2020.

Are you excited to hear that Flair won’t be gone for long?

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