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More details on how COVID-19 is affecting Renee Young and Jon Moxley

Last night (June 24), Renee Young confirmed that she has COVID-19. Her husband, the AEW world champion Jon Moxley, was pulled from Dynamite due to COVID-19 exposure.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided several more details on the current situation with Young and Moxley:

“Renee Young was tested on Monday on her own. This was not a WWE test. She got her result on Tuesday night at midnight. Jon Moxley was also tested, and he tested negative. Obviously he’s not out of the water, he’s been with her constantly.”

“She had a negative test after she was exposed. But then she got sick after this, and then had a positive test.”

“She lost her sense of taste. I don’t know if she has that back. She was pretty much bedridden.”

“She was pretty sick, that’s why she got tested. She’s doing fairly well now. She’s doing better than she was doing yesterday. I was told they’re pretty confident that the worst is over.”

Health is the main priority here, and it’s at least a little encouraging to hear that Young is believed to be past the worst of it.

Jon Moxley has not tested positive for COVID-19 and does not feel sick, but considering his close and frequent proximity to Young, it wouldn’t be shocking if he’s next:

“He’s not feeling sick. He’s been around someone with COVID constantly. He was suggested to go to a hotel by somebody. The reality is, is that he did not want to go to the hotel because he feels that there’s a pretty decent chance that he may have it but hasn’t tested positive for it yet.”

“He doesn’t want to go to a hotel, because what if he has it? He may spread it. He doesn’t want to leave his wife’s side. She’s sick, what if she gets sicker? So they’re doing the thing of different parts of the house. That’s what they’re doing in real life. But obviously they’re gonna be in the same house still. It’s like a no-win situation, there’s no good answer. As far as Fyter Fest, it’s not exactly the first thing on his mind. There’s no answer to Fyter Fest.”

Moxley is supposed to defend the AEW world championship against Brian Cage at Fyter Fest, in a match that is airing on July 8 but is scheduled to be taped on July 2 (one week from today). I can’t imagine how it would be a good idea for AEW to go ahead with that plan. If safety is the highest priority, then Moxley and Young should both remain in quarantine for now.

As for WWE, the timeline Meltzer presents above suggests that Renee Young is not the third person who tested positive at the Performance Center, which prompted the latest round of testing that may have revealed a possible COVID-19 outbreak in WWE. The company reportedly informed its talent last weekend about the third positive test, but Meltzer says that Young tested positive on Tuesday night, so the timeline doesn’t match up.

Young did work WWE’s SmackDown taping last week (June 19), where she was in the ring for AJ Styles’ championship coronation.

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