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More on the possible COVID-19 outbreak at WWE


Reports are coming in rapidly and from multiple sources with more information about the positive COVID-19 tests among WWE talent and staff in Florida.

  • One source told PWInsider the number of positives is in the “two dozen range” with wrestlers, production personnel, and office staff among that number.

  • As of right now WWE is planning to tape two episodes each of Raw and SmackDown this Friday & Saturday (June 26 - 27), per Post Wrestling. That site’s sources say talent was told yesterday (Tues., June 23) they’d need to come in early this week for testing. Tests are being conducted today and tomorrow.

  • Wrestling Observer says the positives include “at least one person if not more” who were supposed to work the SmackDown and Raw tapings scheduled for this week. Insider says Friday’s SmackDown will need to be re-written because of the COVID-19 cases.

  • “Friends and family” were again supposed to be a part of the next tapings, according to Fightful (which was actually the first source on the positive tests today, as Sean Ross Sapp mentioned it on his site’s The List & Ya Girl podcast). That will not be happening now, at the request of WWE Medical.

  • Insider says some talent continue to be unhappy with WWE’s handling of the situation, “feeling there should have been more care expressed towards those traveling and working for WWE in the pandemic.” This has only been compounded now that the likelihood has gone up they were exposed to the virus and may have brought it home to their families.

  • A source told the Observer that talent is “expected to isolate” now. Testing is either going to happen before every show or twice a week going forward.

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