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Booker T on what he wishes WWE Backstage had done differently

WWE on Fox’s YouTube channel

It looks like WWE Backstage is done - certainly as a weekly show on FS1, perhaps for good.

The news just broke last night, but talk and speculation about why Fox’s effort to create a wrestling studio show only lasted about eight months has already begun.

On his The Hall of Fame podcast, regular panelist Booker T shared some thoughts on that:

“Of course I wish we could have done things a little bit differently at certain times, and some things I wouldn’t change at all - like all those suckers I ripped up in promo school. I’m not gonna miss any of that right there.

“I wouldn’t have changed any of that part of the show, but you know, I always thought about The View and the format of The View and how those guys on The View pretty much talked about everything, and hopefully it’s a show that can spawn off to a show like that. Because I always say, to be able to talk about a little bit of everything, to be able to talk about every one of these independent wrestling groups that are out there right now - just say for instance, NWA Pro that just got the rug pulled out from under them. You know, Evolve, another one that was prevalent in the business, and to talk about these groups that here and now are no more. I think it’s news, especially... the #SpeakingOut movement that’s going on right now. These are stories that are really prevalent in professional wrestling right now, and stories that need to be captured... from an inside perspective.”

I think he’s right. For the show to succeed, it had to be allowed to look outside of WWE - and at topics within WWE that the powers that be wouldn’t want covered.

I also think that’s a show WWE would never let Fox or anyone else make.

Let us know what you think, and pour one out for WWE Backstage.

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