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Liv Morgan went through a lot just to be reunited with Ruby Riott, and I ain’t even mad about it

It’s been a wild year for Liv Morgan.

She mixed it up with Charlotte Flair, then went away to find herself. There was a good deal of anticipation for a repackaging that fans assumed would lead to a push while she was out. Then there was a little disappointment when videos hyping her return pointed to her new look being that of an Emmalina-like supermodel. There was more disappointment when her return actually came with a quickly discarded LGBTQ tease during the trainwreck TV Bobby Lashley/Lana/Rusev program.

It looked like the push might really be happening when she worked long matches with Asuka and Flair after a win at WrestleMania 36 over Natalya. But since then she got a blow-off feud with Ruby Riott, cut some more promos about finding herself, then started a storyline with Nattie which saw Liv quickly tapping out in a match last night (June 22).

Then, this happened backstage...

Riott’s downplaying the possibility of two-thirds of the Squad reuniting, but come on - what else are they gonna do? Lana’s managing Natalya now*, so Morgan will need an ally if that feud is to continue. And the women’s tag scene is more of a thing now than it’s ever been before, so a Ruby/Liv team can be useful in that way, too.

It’s not what some hoped for for Morgan, and many will wonder why they didn’t just, ya know, push the Riott Squad in the first place.

But it’s better than nothing*.

* There is still a giant Bianca Belair problem Raw needs to address. No disrespect to Nat or Lana, but their getting screen time while The EST collects dust is a bad call. Hopefully Belair is someone WWE will look to now that Charlotte is out for a while.

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