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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (June 22, 2020): You think you know me

In a dark WWE Performance center ring, Edge cut a scathing promo on the so called “Greatest Wrestler Ever.”

He said Randy won but he didn’t live up to his claim that he is the better natural wrestler. He saw panic in Randy’s eyes, so of course he resorted to a low blow. Edge was upset that he didn’t see the low blow coming, and that he didn’t think to do it himself first. The second he punted Christian last week, he put the PG superstar to bed.

Now Edge is going to embarrass Randy. He’s going to be in his head, and he’s going to wish that Cowboy Bob shot blanks the night he was conceived! Heh. My God.

Edge will scream louder than the voices in his head. Randy has woken the Rated R Superstar.

Wow did Edge knock it out of the damn park. He and Orton have raised the bar for personal promos. This sinister looking Edge is the best Edge, and the whole feeling of that promo had me on every word. I cannot wait to see Edge beat the shit out of Orton.


Ric Flair came out to introduce the greatest wrestler in the business and Orton thanked him and said that means a lot. He talks about the nostalgia of half of Evolution being in the ring, but nostalgia can be confused with legacy. It was nostalgic to see Ric be the dirtiest player in the game last week, for him to punt Christian, and for Edge to step in the ring for the very last time.

But his desire to be the Legend Killer is back. The voices in his head are all on the same page.

Big Show interrupted and said he wouldn’t let them glorify what Orton did to his friends, and he’s going to make him pay. He called Orton a parasite that feeds on anyone who he thinks can take him to the next level. He’s latched onto guys that make him better over and over, because he lacks the discipline and motivation to make himself better. And once he gets what he wants, he leaves the host to die.

Orton said he never thought kicking two of his friends in the head would piss Big Show off so much, and it’d be tragic for him to suffer the same fate. He’s focused and motivated and what happens next is on Show.

Focused and motivated Randy Orton is phenomenal. It’s truly incredible how much this feud has done for him. This time last year, I did not care about Orton at all. I thought he was boring and not worthy of my time. And now I want him facing Drew McIntyre for the WWE title. Big Show’s back and that’s fine as a placeholder feud for Orton until then.

Also, how absolutely irresponsible is it of WWE to have Ric Flair around right when they had a positive COVID-19 test? They could have had him live via satellite for this.

Sasha Dos Straps

I cannot even tell you how brilliant this segment after the Women’s tag team championship match was. Let’s get into that first because it was really fun.

Bayley left Sasha to be the one to start the match and she turned around into Billie’s big boot and I really thought it was over there. Billie and Peyton looked good tonight and Bayley’s blue gear is absolutely gorgeous. Banks got the Bank Statement on Peyton for the win. And then we got the best part.

After the match, Sasha told Bayley that she was feeling jealous every time she sees the SmackDown women’s title with Bayley. She’s happy for her best friend but at Extreme Rules, she’s challenging… ASUKA for the Raw women’s title. Asuka came out and accepted the challenge.

Wow did they pull a swerve on us. Really well done. Sasha and Bayley are the masters of pulling this off and it will only make the real turn that much better. I love Sasha as Asuka’s next challenger.

Rey defends his family

Seth stared into the camera and said sometimes we’re chosen for roles beyond our choices, like he and Rey have been. The difference is that he embraced his role for the greater good, but Mysterio has been defiant, and defiance breeds suffering. The saddest part of all of this is that he’s allowed his son to get involved in this situation.

Later on, Rey and Dominick came out and Rey said he’s pissed at Seth but he’s learned to accept what he did, and even though Dominick is bigger than him, he’s still his old man, and no matter how big or strong he gets, he’ll always be his child. Since Dominick fought for him, now it’s his turn to fight for Dominick. Seth came out and said he doesn’t know what to do, to go to the ring and slaughter a father in front of his son or make him watch as he sacrifices his boy. Theory and Murphy came up behind him, but Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo came up behind them and attacked. Rey hit a nice 619 on Seth.

Seth tried to get Dominick on the steps like he did to Rey, but was unsuccessful and he and his Disciples ran out after getting ambushed. You can’t tell me a little part of you didn’t think that Dominick wasn’t going to turn right then and there. It seemed like it was going to happen as Dominick was behind Rey for a portion of Seth’s promo. I really don’t want to see Dominick turn heel against Rey, but I think that’s what the end result will be. I don’t know how Aleister and Humberto fit in. Maybe a tag team match with Murphy and Theory at Extreme Rules.

The Rest

Entitled - Drew McIntyre came out and was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who started by saying he was happy to see Drew as champion so that he could step up. Dolph played a role in Drew’s comeback to WWE, and Drew was at the lowest point until he came around. All of Drew’s success was because of him. All he asks in return is what he deserves - a WWE title match. Drew said that since big daddy Claymore wasn’t watching his back anymore, he was losing a lot. Now, Dolph is an entitled jackass who thinks the world owes him something. So because they have history together, he makes the match for Extreme Rules.

It appears that Drew’s title reign is just going to be defined as a champion who gives anyone who walks out from the back a title match. Maybe I should drive down to the PC and walk out during Drew’s segment. “I’m a big fan and I’ve always wanted to buy a WWE title on WWE Shop, but I’ll settle for that shiny title over your shoulder.” Book me, WWE! I ‘m disappointed with this because Drew shouldn’[t be just giving any dude a shot because they walk down and say they deserve one, even if they don’t. Big Show, Seth, and Lashley didn’t deserve title shots. Come on.

Apollo Crews def. Shelton Benjamin - This was a quick match that I didn’t really care about seeing again, only since I felt like it should have been MVP, but i think they may be dragging it out to Extreme Rules. That’s fine, because I do think MVP deserves one more title shot, but then again, maybe he’ll pass on that match and let Bobby Lashley take the opportunity. In the VIP Lounge segment, MVP was still trying to get Apollo to let him be his manager, but Apollo wasn’t having any of it. I think being locked in the Full Nelson after his match may ignite some needed babyface fire under Apollo.

Asuka def. Charlotte Flair - Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and someone holding the rope for Charlotte Flair. Charlotte’s left shoulder was hurting thanks to her brawl with Nia earlier in the night and it told the story of the match. And Asuka took advantage. She got Charlotte to tap out! When’s the last time that happened?

Nia was interviewed after the match and said it would be a shame if someone kicked Charlotte while she was down and walked off. Later, Charlotte was shown in the back and Charly went for an interview, but Nia attacked her after they both brawled before the match and Charlotte get the better of her. I’m glad to see Charlotte away from the titles for the time being.

The Street Profits def. The Viking Raiders - If you’ve just tuned in within the past few weeks you may be surprised to see a match called a “Raw Tag Team championship” match. What this match showed us is that Montez Ford is actually an airplane, and Erik is a legit powerhouse. Did you SEE Erik holding Tez AND Dawkins? All four have the ability to cartwheel. (I do not and I am jealous.) The air Tez got on that frog splash could have put anyone down.

After, we got some more camaraderie from the two teams, and Zelina’s crew blindsided the Profits. The Raiders made the save and it’s pretty clear where we are heading next. A new feud for the tag scene on Raw is very welcomed after these past few months.

By the way, after taking a week to digest all the Backlash and Raw after Backlash hooplah, I decided that I did like the segments between the two teams. I watched them back and was sports entertained.

Natalya def. Liv Morgan - This is such an epic fail. Liv deserves better than this shit. No one cares about Natalya. Natalya by herself or Natalya with Lana. You’ve picked Natalya and Lana over Liv when Liv was the one getting spotlight vignettes and a big re-debut. No consistency.

Akira Tozawa def. R-Truth - There was no match for this one as Bobby Lashley came down to the ring with MVP and locked the Full Nelson in. They left R-Truth laying on the floor and Tozawa took advantage. They’ve devalued the 24/7 title so badly that only a select few people in a specific category of wrestlers (lower card) seem to care about it. If I was Lashley I would have pinned Truth right there! But Lashley isn’t lower card so he doesn’t care about THAT title.

Two Buck Chuck - Zelina called Charly Caruso “two buck Chuck.” Angel Garza spoke words. Andrade said they’re going after the tag titles. Everything was wonderful.

Wow, there was SO MUCH on this show to further programs for everyone involved. As much as I didn’t like some of it, like Drew and Dolph and Liv Morgan’s booking, Raw was a really great show overall. I’m super excited for Sasha and Asuka and anything Edge and Orton.

Grade: B

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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