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Asuka taps Charlotte Flair to retain the Raw women’s championship


No matter the criticism from fatigued fans, Charlotte Flair was given yet another title shot on Monday Night Raw this week as part of “Championship Monday.” She slid right into the spot Nia Jax was in, reigniting a former feud with Raw Women’s Champion Asuka.

Speaking of Jax, brawled with Flair earlier in the night over her place in the division following a couple strange finishes in title matches of her own. This led to an injury angle of sorts, where Charlotte went into the title match at something less than 100-percent.

Naturally, it directly played into the finish of the match.

Asuka countered a pinfall attempt off a powerbomb by turning it into an Asuka Lock and that was enough to get the submission.

Yes, Charlotte Flair tapped. It was presented as Asuka finally getting one back on the woman who ended her long reign at the top at WrestleMania a couple years ago.

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