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Triple H doesn’t think the Boneyard match was Undertaker’s last ride

The next episode of “The Last Ride” will be its last, at least for now, and will deal with the lead up to WrestleMania 36, where Undertaker wrestled AJ Styles in the critically acclaimed Boneyard Match. The majority who watched it absolutely adored it, even if it didn’t take place in front of a paying audience of 70,000 in a big stadium somewhere.

It could be a fitting end.

Keywords: Could be.

The New York Post actually asked Triple H if Undertaker could go out on that particular match and while “The Game” acknowledged it’s at least possible, he doesn’t seem to believe it will be the, uh, last ride:

“I don’t know. It’s hard for me to say when somebody like him puts it down because I feel like the dragon is always in front of him one way or another and he’s always gonna look to do it. I think it would be hard for him to end on some kind of theatrical piece like that because of what you said, the emotionality of it.

“We finished the last shot and then we’re like, “Alright, I think we got some good stuff let’s go home.” There weren’t 80,000 or 100,000 people standing up going crazy and you getting to stand on the top of that stage and get to have that one last moment. It’s not the closure you’re looking for.

“Then again, if he decided to never come back or his health gets worse or he gets injured or something, this could be the last one. So, when I got involved in it, I was hell-bent on making sure for Mark this thing’s got to be everything it could be. It can’t fall apart on our end.”

There’s no telling what the near future holds for WWE and its live events in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. One would think next year’s WrestleMania would take place at a major stadium in front of a packed house, but there’s no way to be sure.

Does Undertaker have another year to wait, if so? Does he need to go out on a match where fans can be aware going in and show their appreciation in person so that he can soak up the adulation to get that closure?

I guess the whole point of all of this is that no one knows, not even Undertaker.

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