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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (June 19, 2020): Run

Bray Wyatt told us that he missed us and in his time away, he learned how to master resurrecting the dead, how to knit, and he even infiltrated a reptilian stronghold.

And he learned Tik Tok dances. That’s… good to know.

Ramblin’ Rabbit popped up to remind us all of Braun tricking Bray at Money in the Bank, and then Braun himself interrupted to tell Bray that they’re done with each other. Bray acknowledged that they were done, but in resurrecting the dead, their story is just getting started.

The old tron video flickered of Bray Wyatt, Eater of Worlds, and Bray reappeared in his old attire. Braun looked startled.

Bray said that he created Braun, and it’s his duty to destroy him. Braun knows where to find him. Just follow the buzzards.

I wasn’t pleased that we were getting this continuation after Bray has been off TV for a month, and continuations of things I didn’t like appeared elsewhere tonight, but for this continuation, I’m digging it.

Follow the buzzards Bray was my favorite at that time, and I was firmly behind him, even as many saw the writing on the wall with his booking and jumped ship. I hoped every time he’d get hot, they’d keep him hot. Of course, they never did.

Now, you could say “But Drew, this seems a bit similar to what I’ve seen from another company on Wednesday nights.” I wouldn’t fault you for thinking that! Imitation is a form of flattery after all. As much as I dislike what they’ve done with Braun, I hope they lean into that trepidation he felt when Bray tried swaying him back into the family. I’m willing to give this a shot.


Miz and Morrison made Mandy Rose think that she was just out there to have a regular interview segment, but their intentions were quickly made clear. They tried to make her feel bad for her treatment of Sonya, and Mandy got up to leave. Miz tried apologizing and brought out Sonya.

Sonya said she isn’t done. What has Mandy done as of late to warrant an appearance on Miz TV? What did Mandy do with any opportunity handed to her?

Mandy told Sonya that her fighter persona is her hiding the fact that she’s alone. How long will Sonya hold onto resentment? Sonya fired back and said she isn’t mad anymore and that she sees Mandy for what she truly is. They brawled and Sonya got away, leaving Miz to separate them, and Mandy slapped him in the face.

This was goooood stuff. I just want to quickly mention that before bringing Mandy out, Miz and Morrison addressed Backlash and both felt that the rules of their match being changed, plus Otis swinging a briefcase in front of their faces, made them lose their footing and Miz expressed regret for pulling Morrison off of Braun.

So, it seems WWE either forgot, or they want us to forget that a week or two ago Mandy distracted Sonya mid match. So it seemed like Mandy wasn’t done with Sonya, but now all of a sudden she is? Aside from that, Sonya delivered once again and looked damn good doing it. I don’t expect to see anything else from Miz and Morrison here, but Dolph did reportedly get drafted to Raw so maybe that means Sonya and Mandy get one more go at it by themselves?

Either way, I am ready for it. I absolutely love Sonya getting any chance to shine.

The Rest

Matt Riddle def. AJ Styles - (Quick note before getting to the review portion: If you were not aware, allegations have come out in the wrestling world of some truly shocking and reprehensible behavior from wrestlers all around the world. Matt Riddle was one of them. I’m a big fan of Riddle’s work in professional wrestling, but I do not stand for the disgusting acts he is alleged to have committed and once all is said and done, he may not even be in the company anymore. I do not stand with any person who commits heinous acts of abuse.)

Before the match, Styles had Bryan put the title around his waist and congratulate him. Bryan said that he’ll be a great champion if he defends the title every week. Enter Matt Riddle. He said he hears that Styles is the Face That Runs the Place and said he is the Bro That’s Gonna Run the Show. Not a bad catch phrase there. Of course all of this may end up being for nothing, but we’ll see what happens.

They actually had a really decent match. Riddle showing off his skills with two Karelin lifts and a fisherman’s suplex. AJ got into it with Bryan and Riddle had a little spot with Corbin at the announce table. (Ugh.) Riddle won it with a move that looked very similar to Cesaro’s Neutralizer.

Sasha Banks def. Nikki Cross - Bayley did it again. Nikki blindsided Sasha and Bayley ringside and when Alexa came out to separate them, Nikki demanded a match with Sasha, which Sasha refused. But Bayley being the great friend she is, accepted for her!

Nikki really brought it in this match. No wasted motion, and at one point she kept banging her head on the turnbuckle. Well, she’s different! She also gave Sasha some nasty looking elbows. Nikki looked great tonight, even in defeat. Sasha won with a meteora. Bayley keeps stoking those flames! Sasha was definitely not into it, and looked a little peeved after her win. The look at the Women’s title though! *chef’s kiss*

Chad Gable def. Mojo Rawley - Before the match, Gable was being interviewed and said he has eyes in the back of his head and attacked Mojo before Mojo could attack him. Then Gable walked up the steps and Mojo just stared at him angrily screaming. Did Mojo look like an idiot or what? Gable hit him and he just stood there like a goof. So dumb.

Inside cradle. Gable wins. Whatever. The short shit is terrible and has to stop.

Sheamus and Jeff Hardy continues… - The other angle I mentioned above having a continuation is this one, where Sheamus says he’s going to toast to Jeff Hardy next week. My god, can we cut the crap please? This feud will continue to suck. No mention of the crime that was caught on camera a few weeks back. You know, Jeff being framed for driving drunk and hit and run? I guess we’re just dropping that. Thanks Bruce!

New Day def. Lucha House Party - Hey Lucha House Party! Remember them? WWE finally did this week and they had themselves quite a little barn burner with New Day. Kofi works great with these luchadors, but man is Big E in the zone with high flyers. He’s as agile as the rest of them and it makes for quality entertainment. Dorado hit an awesome springboard stunner, and New Day did the Midnight Hour to win.

After, Cesaro and Shinsuke attacked New Day. Cesaro hit a Neuralizer on Big E and went to Michael Cole and said that he’s tired of the two of them not getting their title shot. (Me too buddy!) Everyone getting up in Cole’s face with their problems is just great. Love it! The sad thing is that if what happened with Jaxson Ryker didn’t happen, they probably would never get a title shot. So I’m betting they’ll be featured at Extreme Rules next month. Give us what we want, Bruce!

I’m not going to lie, it was hard to get into SmackDown tonight with all the recent news of sexual assaults and abhorrent behavior by wrestlers and managers in so many companies. SmackDown tried its best though, and delivered a mostly solid show. If Riddle continues on, I won’t be happy to see him with Corbin. Gable and Mojo is dumb and the fact that they’re still on Gable with the Shorty G nonsense is gross, man. Chad Gable is amazing and proven to be over in any situation he’s thrown into. I just still can’t believe in WWE kayfabe, Baron Corbin successfully changed a wrestler’s name and it stuck! Mind boggling. Also, enough with Sheamus and Jeff Hardy.

I don’t know if you’ve realized this, but WWE has booked three heels the exact same way – Sheamus, Baron Corbin, and Mojo Rawley. Cagesider Mattdsm described it best as bullies who make stupid jokes and then get cartoonishly angry when someone attacks them. All three of these heels do this. This is some really lazy and stupid booking, WWE. Amazes me that Drew McIntyre looks like a million bucks, and they can’t get a lower card heel to feel different than a top tier talent like Corbin?

Did I just call Corbin a top tier talent?

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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