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Monday Night Raw viewership holds steady

As protesting over racial injustice ramps up, and folks are rioting in the streets, naturally, coverage of it, and the response to it by the American government, is dominating television. Still, Monday Night Raw has shown that it has its viewership and those folks aren’t going away for anything.

This week’s episode drew 1.72 million viewers, down only slightly from last week’s 1.73 million. The hourly breakdown did see a bigger than usual dip in hour three.

Hour one: 1.81 million
Hour two: 1.80 million
Hour three: 1.57 million

This is just how it is, and there’s no reason to think anything is going to change anytime soon.

WWE brought in members of the NXT roster to act as a crowd to react to the action in the ring and we’re a couple weeks into that experiment. It’s made a difference as far as viewing experience but not in viewership. We’ll need a larger sample size to determine that.

Either way, with everything going on, this could almost be considered a win. The question is how comfortable WWE is with that.

Check out the live blog from Raw this week here, a recap of the entire show here, and a playlist of all the highlights right here.

Source: Showbuzz Daily

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