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WWE wants you to know Bobby Lashley didn’t make Drew McIntyre pass out during Raw’s abrupt ending

The June 1 episode of Raw ended with WWE champ Drew McIntyre thrashing trying to get out of Bobby Lashley full nelson.

It seemed like the broadcast ended mid-scene, probably because they were in a hurry to get one of the signature offerings of WWE Network’s new free tier, the Monday night post-show Raw Talk, set up in the ring. It was also a rare instance of letting McIntyre look vulnerable. The company’s done a lot of work to present the big Scot as a superhero and “the star of Monday Night Raw”, and he’s walked away from battles with everyone from Brock Lesnar to Andrade looking strong.

And that don’t want you to think he passed out in Lashley’s hold either. Raw Talk opened with this statement from host Charly Caruso:

“Yeah, we do want to clarify there that McIntyre was still fighting in that hold when officials came to separate them. He did not pass out, he did not tap out. He was still fighting in that hold when officials came to separate them.”

Lashley backed that up with this, too:

So don’t worry everybody. Drew’s still pretty invincible.

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