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Jaxson Ryker’s Forgotten Sons teammates distance themselves from his unempathetic tweet

Responses and reactions to Jaxson Ryker’s tweet supporting United States President Donald Trump have continued since he posted it last night (June 1), which was shortly after Trump vowed to end national unrest in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by any means necessary, and ordered the violent dispersal of peaceful protesters from a stretch of Washington, D.C. streets so he could have his picture taken awkwardly holding a bible in front of a church near the White House.

You can find those on Twitter. There are some smart ones, some poignant ones, and some funny ones. But they all revolve around a couple criticisms:

  1. It fails to acknowledge the justified anger & real despair felt by black Americans in the face of continued systemic racism & police brutality. Yes, the legal assembly of groups like Black Lives Matter & their allies has been used as cover for a variety of instigators with a variety of motives. But cheering the crackdown on everyone without even addressing why the majority of them are protesting peacefully is disrespectful (at best) to everyone who’s hurting because of the multitude of issues Floyd’s murder represents. This same criticism has been levied at Trump himself.
  2. Linking your personal stance on our national crisis with your kayfabe gimmick is dumb, and bad.

More relevant to pro wrestling itself, Ryker’s stablemates tweeted overnight to clarify they do not necessarily share his views. And they don’t seem interested in integrating them into their act.

It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to play out in the locker room, but that’s true of everywhere when the country literally seems to be at war with itself.

Stay safe everyone.

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