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Matt Riddle, Jordan Devlin deny sexual assault claims

Pursuant to WWE’s statement outlining their policy for handling talents accused of sexual misconduct during the ongoing #SpeakingOut movement, two of the more high profile wrestlers involved issued statements disputing their accusers’ claims.

Matt Riddle retweeted a statement from his lawyer Daniel Rose in response to an independent wrestler saying earlier today he threatened her for sex in 2018:

“The allegations by this independent female performer are completely false and another attempt to harass and humiliate Mr. and Mrs. Riddle and to try to tarnish their reputation in the community. We have been aware for the last two years of this performer stalking the Riddle family. In 2019, our firm had drafted a pleading against this performer to seek an injunction for cyberstalking in the Circuit Court for Orange County, Florida.”

Jordan Devlin, who was accused of sexual abuse on Thursday in a series of since deleted tweets, tweeted his own statement:

“I didn’t even want to address the hurtful allegation made against me, but for the sake of my followers and friends on this platform that may for whatever reason be unsure, I’m going to address this once. The recent allegation made against me is completely and utterly false and I deny it entirely. This is a case of a malicious personal agenda being executed against me on the back of a very brave telling of true experiences by other women. I completely denounce it. This is all I will say on the matter, and I am now working with a legal team to help decide how to proceed from here.”

It seems likely both cases will move from the court of public opinion to courts of law.

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