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Referee John Cone’s conduct is under review after his fast count on Raw

Asuka and Nia Jax fought each other earlier this week on Raw (June 15) in a women’s championship match. The finish of the match involved an awkward sequence of events between Jax and referee John Cone.

Jax tried to pin Asuka, but Cone noticed that Asuka’s foot was under the rope, so he did not initiate a count on the pin fall attempt. Jax disagreed with his judgment and pushed him to the ground. Cone said she broke the rules and he was motioning for a disqualification. Yet as he was about to make that decision final, Asuka rolled up Jax from behind. Cone changed his mind about the disqualification and then counted Jax down for the 1-2-3. To some folks, it looked like a fast count.

Cone tried to explain his actions:

Cone’s explanation sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me. You can’t just acknowledge that a wrestler’s actions warranted disqualification, and then change your mind simply because that wrestler is later put into a disadvantageous position.

But don’t fret, Cagesiders, because WWE is on top of this story. They are reviewing the conduct of both Cone and Jax in the aftermath of the bizarre conclusion of that match, so there will presumably be a formal ruling in the coming days.

Should this situation be settled with motorcycle ninjas? If not, what solution makes the most sense to you?

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