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Angel Garza discusses the art of ripping his pants off

Angel Garza is a gorgeous man.

A man with his undeniable sex appeal is not meant to be confined by pants. Thankfully, Garza is known for tearing his pants off in the middle of his matches. Like Kurt Angle taking down the strap of his singlet, you know that Garza is in the zone when those pants come flying off and are tossed at his opponent.

The lothario of Raw appeared on WWE’s The Bump this week, and his love for ripping his pants off was a prime topic of conversation (as it should be). Garza explained that his tear-away pants are part of his identity, and he called it “exciting for everybody.” Yes, that is a very accurate statement.

He hopes there are some merchandising opportunities coming soon related to his pants, and also suggests a “Take your pants off” challenge. These both sound like great ideas to me. My guess is that his fellow Raw superstar Kevin Owens would excel at that challenge.

I can’t do Garza’s words justice, so be sure to check out the video above to get a true sense for just how thrilled Garza is to share the precious gift of ripping his pants off with the world.

Did your pants come off as soon as you read the name “Angel Garza”?

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