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Rey Mysterio returns next week, but Dominik got off to a good start against Seth Rollins & crew by himself

After some confusion about whether or not he’d accepted Seth Rollins’ invitation to the June 15 Raw, WWE is now announcing that Rey Mysterio will be on the June 22 edition of the red show.

Which is cool and all. We love Rey, and a legit, full match between he and Rollins should kick ass.

But one Mysterio did show up at the Performance Center yesterday. And Dominik seemed to have a pretty good plan for dealing with the Monday Night Messiah and his acolytes, Austin Theory & Murphy.

I mean, if you can sneak in, attack, and slip away when there aren’t even that many people in the building? That’s some grade ‘A’ covert action. And that’s without even enlisting Seth’s other enemies, Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo.

Which, that reminds me... should we be worried those guys were off the first show of the McMahon/Prichard era altogether?

We’ll deal with that later, I guess. What do you think of the Mysterio’s plans?

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