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Cinematic battle with biker ninjas and garbage monsters takes place of Raw tag team title match at Backlash


WWE took all the wrong lessons from the success of the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36, namely just how much hunger its fan base has for cinematic style matches. When it makes sense to do one, like it did with Undertaker — whose character works for such a thing — and AJ Styles, it can be a big success.

But this is WWE, of course, which means we’re now getting at least one per event, even if that means The Street Profits and Viking Raiders assaulting each other all around the arena in repeated throwbacks to the various “competitions” they’ve battled in over the past several weeks on Monday Night Raw.

At one point, they went to the parking lot outside to settle things, and then Akira Tozawa and a bunch of dudes on bikes pulled up. The Profits and Raiders banded together to confront their new foes.

Then, a fight scene that looked like the latest Rush Hour movie.

They had it won, then they ran off only to keep fighting each other, eventually landing in a truck full of garbage that had some kind of monster in it. They screamed and ran from said monster.

A short commercial break led to Tom Phillips telling us that the Raw tag team title match the two teams were supposed to have wasn’t going to happen after all.


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